Winter Olympics

We had our own Winter Olympics held right here at home today!  The dumb things you choose to do when you have been locked inside for too long.  We had lots of events today with winners in each category:

1.  Who can finish their meal the fastest.  And then tell everyone else what order they will finish in.  And talk about how fast they ate their meal.  Seriously Julia and Riley... it really doesn't matter who finishes it first as long as your belly feels good and you've gotten some good nutrition.  Alas, it is a game they play at every meal.  Thankfully with good sportsmanship.  Winner:  Julia and Riley.

2.  Who can stay in the cold the longest.  Winner:  Riley.  We bundled up and tried to go outside to the backyard, but our back door was frozen shut.  Literally.  Tried pulling and prying and no matter what we tried, it wasn't going to budge so we just locked it and went to the front door.  Didn't even attempt to open the garage today as it could possibly also be frozen shut.

We went out to the front yard where the girls were devastated that they couldn't play on the ice rink.  There were three foot icicles hanging from the gutters over the front porch.  And 2-12 inch icicles hanging on the bushes.  It was insanity.  Our fence has icicles hanging off everywhere.  The girls each broke off icicles.  Riley told Julia "Don't worry!  It won't hurt you."  Ummm... yeah.  They are incredibly pointy, hard and sharp.  Riley chose to see how far her icicle would slide down our front yard.  You could hear the clinking as it rolled all the way down to the street across our ice covered yard, sidewalk and street.

I even tried to break the ice on the ground and carefully walked on it.  Then jumped.  Jeremy told me it moved a little, but it would not bust or crack no matter how hard I jumped.

The girls and I went back inside when it was apparent very quickly that no play was to be had on the slippery landscape.  They were sad, but quickly built forts, played games and found other things to do.

3.  Who can jump the furthest.  Winner:  Jeremy. Jeremy got a whim to see how far he could do the long jump.  In his pajamas and house shoes.  So he stood in the dining room across from the wooden foyer and faced the front living area. In front of him lay wet boots, socks, and gloves from our trip outside.  He moved them, but it was still a little slippery.  He moved the gloves so he wouldn't slip.  He geared up and jumped about 7 feet!!!  Totally impressive!!!  He jumped the span of the wooden floor and landed on the carpet across the way.  Winner: Jeremy!  I tried and did a very very wimpy version to which he was like "Uh whatever.  That was really pathetic (and it was)."  I was afraid I'd fall so I did more of a skip.  His confidence, however, increased and thus came the final event.

5.  Who can jump off of both feet going up the stairs and jump to the highest stair.  I, again, showed how fabulous I am at this and in fear of getting hurt, ended up half skipping and landed on the first step.  Ha!  Pathetic and safe :)

At this point, I had the camera going.  Jeremy really wanted to see if he could get to the fourth step.  This would require much height and strong legs.  I couldn't help but just continue to try to hold back laughter as it was hilarious watching him prepping and focusing his mind to jump up these steps while in the background Riley is standing on her head in headstands and moving and bending all over.  We look like a totally insane family of bendy, jumping, crazy people.  He asked me to stop giggling and I really did try.  But kept taping away.  And promised not to put the video on Facebook - which I haven't!

He jumped and with a big heave ho, landed on the third stair.  I was quite impressed.  He was determined he could make it to the fourth stair.  I was afraid he'd get hurt as exercise is not something he participates in unless forced and he'd already shown himself to win two of our family Olympic games so he was the champion already.  But he was determined.

So with another heave ho, a grunt and big jump up the stairs, he thrust himself up and into a portion of the wall and still landed on the third step.  He simply said " elbow!!!"  (Movie:  Epic quote) Seriously though - he did jump into the wall and bumped his elbow.  I just laughed and the girls still played on their heads.  The things you do when you've been iced inside for two full days.

Long jumps and high jumps are not the usual ideas around here.

On the way up to bed, I was getting an Etsy order ready and Jeremy goes "Oh man.  Wow - girls.  What in the world... oh!!!  hahahaha.  Jess - you need to come see this."

The girls were like "What dad?"  And I said "Ok - I'll be there in a minute!"  I head over to the stairs to find them all staring at a fairly good sized dent into our wall going up the stairway.  About the size of an elbow.  I lost it and just busted out laughing.  So thankful he had not busted through the drywall, but apparently he has left his mark for being the highest jumper in our family.  Thankful it was him and not any of the rest of us.  We all laughed as there isn't anything we can do about it and it was funny enough getting it all on tape to watch him attempt his Olympic feats.

**I will not put the video on here as I promised not to.  But sooo wish I could!**


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