Our New Church

We have been going to Hope Fellowship in Frisco for the past five years.  We love our church.  The church has opened two new campuses:  Mckinney and West Frisco.  We went back and forth on which one to go to - to stay or go west.  This past weekend we attended the West Frisco services.

Julia has talked about it non-stop since.  Couldn't get Julia to leave her classroom she loved it so much.  The room is huge and there are much fewer kids which means she gets more attention and has lots of new things to play with.  She also shared with us that she learned about Jesus and how he was born.

Riley loved it as well - again, fewer kids and the ability to get to know the kids in her service will be much easier.

Tomorrow we're planning to do the Christmas Eve service at 1pm at the campus we've been going to for years.  The girls are so sad that we're not going to our 'new church.'  Thinking we've found a new home!


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