Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Not a Six

Julia has one school jumper in a size five.  She has multiple jumpers that are size six.  Still waiting for them to fit and don't want to spend money on more fives as she will likely not used them much longer.  It does make laundry interesting.

Last year she refused to wear the jumpers so we have a ton of skirts.  This year she has decided that she likes the jumpers better.  This morning the only one that fit her was dirty and I hadn't washed it so she had to either wear a six or a skirt.  I found her a six that looked semi-smaller than the others.  It took her some time to come around to it.  In other words, she kicked the laundry room door and began crying.  She finally put it on.

As she wanted to go to school with me, I had her get in the car and out her socks on there as I had a morning group before school to get to.  I carried Julia into school.  After being there a few minutes, she started to cry and told me that she was hungry.  Turns out I'd forgotten to feed her!

I had seen Mrs. Adler come into the building and asked Riley to see if she had any food (as I didn't have anything in my classroom).  Mrs. Adler was incredibly helpful as she gave Julia some snacks to help her hunger.  So thankful for great friends and coworkers!


Riley asked Julia this question after taking a shower: "When my hair is dry does it look like a lion's mane?"

Sunday, October 2, 2016

GSES Carnival 2016

This year we had another gorgeous day for the school carnival.  Riley was thrown into jail not too soon after we got there.  She was a great sport about it despite finding out that the girl who put her in jail isn't often very kind to her in the hallways.  Julia went on the ferris wheel with me.  Every time we went around and started back up again, she'd say "We're going around again?!"

Both girls had their faces painted and their hair sprayed with neat colors.  Julia chose a butterfly and Riley chose a tiger.  They looked amazing!!!  They jumped on the trampolines, played with friends, spent time doing a lot of games and were really happy.  We asked if they wanted dinner but they didn't.

Come to 6:30pm and the line is insanely long.  Girls are hungry, have spent all their energy running and playing and only want popsicles or cotton candy.  Instead I shared that we could play the cake walk and try to win a cake.  We went in the gym and played the game.  I ended up winning so I chose a cinnamon streusel cake that I thought would be fun for the whole family to enjoy.  The girls were mad.  Riley just wanted cotton candy.  Julia was way over-hungry and began crying and hitting.  Her butterfly was streaking and itching due to the crying so we went inside the school to wash off what we could.  She then cried harder that her face was completely purple.  We made it home with lots of tears and screaming fits from Julia.  Riley was crying from hunger and feeling bad that she had wanted the cotton candy.  She had every right to want it.  We just didn't want to spend $3 on it.

Once the girls had their faces washed, showers taken and eaten food, they were incredibly tired.  We all crashed into bed and woke up much happier.

Mrs. Gunter, Tooth Puller

Julia's top front tooth has been quite loose and ready to come out, but she hasn't wanted us to twist or pull on it.  She insisted that Mrs. Gunter, one of the third grade teachers at GSES, pull it out.  Riley had shared stories with her about how Mrs. Gunter pulls out teeth amazingly without hurting.  Julia told us that she wanted Mrs. Gunter to pull it out and she made a plan to go see her the next morning.

I emailed Karen to make sure she'd be okay with pulling her tooth.  Julia got up bright and early and dressed herself quickly.  Riley had choir so she was already going to school early with me.  Julia asked if she could come early so that she could see Mrs. Gunter before the day began.  Around 7:00am the girls headed upstairs to her room and asked her to pull Julia's tooth.  Karen said it completely made her day that the girls were so excited to see her and to get to help Julia out.  It took about 1 1/2 twists and the tooth was out.

Julia looks adorable with her missing tooth.  The one next to it is also fairly loose and will likely be out by Christmas.