Celebrating Ten Years

Tonight my parents took both girls over their house for a sleepover.  I'm sure they'll have a blast and I only hope that they will actually get sleep!!

Jeremy and I had a gift card to Maggiano's from a student so we chose to go there.  He also received a $10 off coupon as a result of it being our anniversary.

Turns out it was over an hour wait.  We debated about going somewhere else, but figured we might not get a sitter and it'd be great to go ahead and eat there as other restaurants are probably booked too.

Since we could find a place at the bar to eat, we looked around to find something.  Two people had just left the bar itself so we were going to sit in the chairs.  Not ideal, but beats waiting over an hour.  Jeremy looks at a large booth where two ladies are sitting.  He tells me that we might be able to sit there.  I'm not sure, but he says he's going to ask because after all, "The Europeans do that!"  He does and they say "Sure!  Come on over!"  He told them it was our anniversary and they were very kind.

We thank them and sit close together on our side of the booth.  Felt totally normal and worked out great!  We ordered our food and ate a really really nice dinner.  Throughout the meal, we talked with our tablemates every now and then.  Really nice people.

We were fairly full at the end of the meal and told the waitress that we didn't need dessert.  One of the ladies sitting with us says "Since it's your anniversary, I'd like to pay for your desserts!"  The waitress brings the dessert menu just then.  The lady insists that we get what we want - one dessert for each of us to take home.  She recommends the new cake that is out and tells us she works for the parent company that owns Maggiano's.

She was very clear that we were to get one dessert for each of us to take it home!  We talked among ourselves (so we thought) and said that we can share them with the girls and how awesome that was.  She then says "Oh!  Get three - get four - I don't care!  Get one of all of them."  We were stunned and made sure she meant it.

We ended up with a cheesecake, Mint chocolate cake and creme brulee (my favorite dessert in the world).  We thanked her several times and she was so excited to do it.  Have never been on this end before where someone you don't know buys part of your meal.  Was incredibly kind!

In total, we spent $23 on our entire meal out of our pocket.  In cash.  Covered two salads, two main courses and three desserts.  It was beyond.

Happy Ten Years and looking forward to many, many more!


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