Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jesus Questions

Riley and I were talking tonight about God.  She had tons and tons of questions.  We had talked about baptism and how she has the choice to get baptized in a few weeks if she is ready and wants to.  We talked about what they will do (dunk her under water), what it means (showing that you are choosing not to live life for yourself and then coming out of the water showing that you are choosing to have a 'new' life in Christ) and what she thought about it.  No pressure.  She doesn't have to do it and can wait if she wants. She thought that going into the water sounded weird.  And asked "We do this with our clothes on?"  I replied with "Yes.  A little weird sounding, huh!"  "Oh yeah Mom.  That sounds weird."

The conversation kept going with her asking "Mom, what if I stop believing in Jesus? And then I will have gone in the water to show that I believe Him, but what if I change my mind and don't believe anymore?  And what if He isn't real?  What if we get to heaven and he's not there?  And he's actually living down here now and doesn't live up there anymore?  Or if I go to heaven after I die and it turns out that Jesus isn't real after all?"

Um.  Wow.  Deep thoughts and great questions.

I talked with her about faith.  ("Hey Mom!  There's a girl named Faith in my class!")  How there are many people who don't believe in Jesus.  They believe in either no gods or different gods.  I talked to her about how Jesus came and told us what would happen to him and performed miracles and that it is up to us to choose whether we believe that what He did and said is true and whether or not He really is the true God.  This is called faith - believing in what we don't see.

We talked about how we can't see God.  Can't feel Him.  Can't talk to him and get a response back verbally like we do when we talk to friends.  But that we can sense Him.  And know peace from Him.  That we have to show faith. And that if we doubt Him, we simply have to ask Him to reveal and show us Himself in ways that we can understand.  To help us believe. We also talked about how it is okay to doubt what you believe.  But it is important to find out what is true and to ask questions to figure out what we do believe.  And then we have to trust and have faith.

She did a nervous giggle.  Then asked again about what if Jesus wasn't in heaven.  And asked if Jesus created a place for Satan to live.  So we talked about heaven.  And how God has prepared a room for us there.  "In My Father's House are many rooms...."  That Jesus did not create a place for Satan to live, but that Satan made a choice that created a problem for him to live in heaven because he thought he was greater than God and he could no longer be in God's presence so Satan went to rule his own place called Hell.

Riley then asked what Hell was.  I told her that it was where those who don't believe in Jesus go to live.  Not because they were bad, but because they didn't have faith in the one true God.

She then asked if we got to wear our clothes still when we died and went to heaven.  I told her that this would sound silly, but that - No.  I don't believe we wear our clothes to heaven because our bodies stay down here on earth.  That our spirits go up to heaven.  To which she replied "Okay.  I totally don't know what you're talking about with that."  :)

I did my best to keep it in simple terms as far as how our bodies are the outside and our spirit is inside of us.  That God will give us new bodies in heaven.  She giggled at that as well.  I told her that I hope my body looks like a panda in heaven because they are cute.  We both laughed.  She shared that in heaven, she wants her body to be a cat!  At this point, it was almost 8:30pm and while I doubt we'll look like cats or pandas, I wasn't sure that there was too much more to say and she was tired.  She fought sleep for a while but was asleep before 9pm.  Though not before telling me that I was a cool mom and I could tell her she was a cool kid.  Sure love her!


Apparently this month was way beyond busy to even have gotten on here to blog!  School is in full swing.  This month is practically a blur as I've been waking up around 6am and going to bed when putting the girls to bed which means that I'm sleeping well, but I'm not up for anything except work, piano lessons, night time routines and prep for the next day.  I feel so old.  And boring.  But well rested!

Julia has had several transitions at school.  Has been through two substitute teachers and two full-time teachers.  Finally has a full time teacher in her classroom that has stayed longer than a week.  Has been frustrating and difficult to get her to adjust.  Her new teacher's name is Ms. Booma.  Julia loves her.  She is soft spoken and gentle with the kids.  What she doesn't like is the lady who does the cafeteria in the morning so drop offs have been terrible with tons of crying, grabbing my legs and crying out "Mommy!!!" repeatedly as I let her go so I can leave for work.  Doesn't make it easy to leave her and some days I just want to pick her back up, take the day off and forget about doing what I need to do, but I know I can't.  She's always happy when I pick her up so that has kept me going.

Jules is loving dance classes though she won't show us very many steps.  She and I spent time together taking a nice walk in the neighborhood and playing at the park this afternoon.  She giggled and giggled.  Was totally fun!

Riley and I had a special day yesterday.   I watched her at gymnastics and then took her to a special lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  She was such a big girl.  Ordered her water and her meal (with a small amount of help), but was so well-mannered and excited.  We found her some cute boots for fall as well as a new book, earrings and leggings that replace her old ones that have holes in the knees.  She's reading "Judy Moody" and in chapter books already.  Doing great!

Gymnastics has been amazing for her.  We're so impressed with how far she has come.  Her cartwheels are gorgeous and she is showing so much confidence.  They work her hard and some days she is tuckered out, but for the most part, she still has energy afterwards and is always happy to go.  We just purchased her competition warm-up suit, leo, and bag.  Her leo we bought from a friend and the rest has been ordered.  Her first competition will be in Mid-January.  She can't wait!  She has been practicing her skills and showing us what she has learned from her routines so far.

Jeremy is taking his turn fighting off a bad sinus thing.  I gave it to him after being sick for the last week.  It's not the worst thing to have, but it really drains you of any energy and you just feel uncomfortable and worn out all the time.  I took Tuesday off work last week and just laid on the couch all day.  I took a morning nap and watched tons of movies.  Would rather have been teaching for sure!

On Friday Riley and I got our flu shots at school.  She was a total champ!  No tears at all and happy to get a lollipop.  She even helped her friend Micah and helped him be brave when he got his shot too.  So proud of her helping him out and for taking it all so well!

First Car Accident

A week and a half ago I was in my first car accident ever.  For that matter, so did Riley and Julia. We were getting donuts, it was raining and I went to turn into the parking spot.  Never even saw the lady coming toward me at all.  She was cutting through parking lots to avoid Main Street.  We collided and the girls immediately started to cry.  I told them we were ok.  I backed up and got out of the car.  Mine has over $1000 damage to the front end; though from looking at it, it doesn't look that bad to me.  Her car was majorly messed up.  Smashed headlight, bumper caved in front and hood of the car was down on one side and up on the other.  

She was an older lady and said "Didn't you see me?"  My answer was:  "No!  I never did!"  I felt terrible.  Her car locked up on her once she shut the door so her keys were locked inside.  I went to get out my information and put my umbrella between the door and the top of the car; shut my door and smashed the umbrella into several bent pieces.  Quite the way to start the day.  While we waited, the girls got their donuts and sat in the car.  I waited in the rain with the lady for an hour and a half waiting for her daughter to bring her a spare key.  Didn't feel right about leaving her out there by herself and she didn't want to come into my car.  

I gave the girls my phone and told Julia to pick a song.  She picked "This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli.  Perfect song to remind me of how blessed I am no matter how bad the things are that happen to us.  It ended up being a very long day, but a good one.  I went straight to work and was four minutes before starting my first class and then taught straight through to the last class.  

Was just thankful that there isn't really any repair we have to do on the car immediately and that we can have it fixed within the next four years according to Progressive.  That's a great thing considering our deductible is $1000 and it's a lease.  Will definitely be getting it fixed; just not today.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two weeks in

School has been amazing.  Best start to a year that I can remember and I'm loving all the new xylophones that we get to use in class!!!  The kids have been so easy to manage and they are doing an incredible job listening and playing.  Lots of smiling and laughter.  I love hearing "That was fun!"  and the "oooohhh man!" when they wish the lesson would keep going.  I'm bummed too!  A mom stopped me in the hall today as I was walking into the office and said that her kindergartner didn't want to come to school today and was sad as they walked in.  Then I said hi to her and she lit up and told her mom I was her music teacher, went into the cafeteria no problem and was happy.  The mom was very excited and we talked for a minute before I went back to the cafe for morning duty.  Made my day.

Riley is enjoying first grade.  Though she has been disappointed in the amount of reading and writing time the first few weeks.  She said they only do it for six minutes and she wants to do it a lot longer than that.  Riley was excited when she had some homework to do this week.  Each night there is an assignment like "Read ten minutes" or "practice counting like this" and there is a demonstration.  She is reading amazing.  And loving it.  The only time she gets annoyed is when I try to help her sound out a word.  She always says "Mom!  Don't help me, ok!  I can do this."  And she's right.

Julia is loving preschool now that she has a new teacher in her class.  She isn't crying at drop off each morning, is happy and never wants to leave when I pick her up which is a good thing.  She's got a little chest cold (the normal daycare cold) but it's just something that happens when you start back at daycare after being off for the summer.  The only thing Julia doesn't like is that she has to wear uniforms.  Riley never cared, but Julia sure does!  She'll be excited to be done with them after 19 more months.  (not that I'm counting how much longer daycare will be... or the fact that for $800 x 19 months that we'll be getting a big raise on month 20!!)