Power Outage

Zooooommmmmm.  Silence.

Jeremy:  NO!!!  Oh man.

Girls:  What is it?

Me:  Ummm... so sorry.

Jeremy had been in the middle of doing work from home and our power went out from a high pitched hum to silence.  He was right in the middle of opening new accounts.

It was right before lunch time and we were just about to start lunch.

The girls were full of questions and observations:  What happened?  It's too dark in here.  I can't see my barbies!  Why is it dark?  Why do we not have any power?  But I want to watch a show!  Can I turn on the light in here?  Why won't the light turn on?  I'm scared to go to the bathroom because I can't see!  Can I play on my iPod?  Is the fridge light out too?  Why are the ceiling fans not working?

We explained to the girls that the power was out so we'd have a different kind of lunch today.  We couldn't use the oven, microwave, toaster or stove top.  Told them to keep the doors to the fridge closed as we didn't want to lose the coolness inside of it.

The girls were truly amazed.  Riley walked around saying "Tell me this is a dream!  Tell me it is!"  Julia was about to come unglued because she couldn't watch a show.  Which is funny since we had been playing barbies and she hadn't wanted to watch one until she couldn't.

The girls went around testing out the light switches.  "Let's try this one!"  Julia asked Jeremy if she could go upstairs to see if the lights worked upstairs.  She yelled down when she tried one "No!  It doesn't work!"

Riley got very disappointed and said "How am I supposed to do my homework?"  She decided to practice her piano recital song instead.

You would have thought the world had ended.  I explained that for years many people did not have power.  They girls were amazed.

When the power finally came on (not even 30 minutes later), the girls were excitedly shouting "Look!!  The kitchen light is on!  And the ceiling fans work!  Let's go play barbies again!"


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