Gymnastic Mock Competition

Today Riley had her first mock competition at Sky High.  It was a great chance for her to get the feel of a meet and to prepare for what it will be like.  She was quite nervous.

She had to wear her competition leo and have her hair up in the gymnast bun with scrunchie on her head.  I had her hop in the shower and then got her hair up as high as I could.  So thankful it is long!!  She was giggling the entire time and thought it was hilarious that we had to use gel and hair spray.  She kept saying "I don't know about this!"  Got her hair all put up and she was thrilled with it.

Put her leo on and we were ready to go.  Except that I dropped her scrunchie somewhere in the house and couldn't find it.  We paused in her room and she told me that she asked Buddy (the elf) where it was.  I told her we should pray and ask Jesus to help us find it, but she reminded me she'd asked Buddy.  I prayed anyway and what do you know - we found it immediately!  Was a great way to explain to Riley that God is just waiting for us to ask him for help.

My mom came to watch Riley as well which made it so fun.  I think we were possibly as nervous (or close to it) as she was.  Just wanted her to feel happy with her performance on the four events and to gain confidence.  Plus knowing how nervous she was made me nervous for her.

The first event was the vault - usually her hardest event.  It's tricky getting the right feel for when to jump on the platform and then do a strong handstand into a flat back on the mat.  She did great both times!

The second event was the bars.  She had been practicing her back hip circles repeatedly before they warmed up and was rocking it out.  She seemed quite nervous on this event and didn't give the back hip circles as much umph as she usually does.  Still did them great and ended with a great landing.

The third event was beam.  She did awesome on this one!!  Much more confidence.

The last event was floor.  She shined on the floor.  She was smiling and looked like she was having a lot of fun.  She executed each move so well.

At the end, the girls all got to go on the podium and received medals.  The medal was a start that says "Gymnastics."  She was thrilled!!

Afterward she said that she was nervous, but that she liked it a lot and she felt that it got easier as she went along.


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