Playdate with Boys

Riley and Julia are having a playdate today with a boy from her school and his little brother.  They should be here any time.  The girls have spent their time this morning getting ready.  Riley did her hair - let out her braids and wants it curly.  Fixed it in the mirror.  I could completely picture prom night already.  (tears)

Julia dressed up in a fairy costume and left her braids in.  Riley called her into the playroom so that they could practice how to curtsy.  Because they needed to curtsy when they boys entered our house.

They are currently deciding exactly how to stand to greet the boys when they come.  Riley on one side of the door, Julia on the other.

J:  Heel and toe.  Heel and toe.  I dance like that.

R:  No!  We are not doing that dance.

J:  Heel and toe.  Heel and toe.  But I want to.

R:  But we aren't doing that.  We are standing facing front.  In fact, we are standing just like this and not moving.

J:  But I want to dance.

R:  But you can't.

Me:  Why can't she dance?

R:  I don't know.  I'm not sure about that.

The girls move around to stand in the middle of the foyer.  Standing next to each other.  They play pattycake and ring around the rosie.  Then decide to hold things in their hands.  They decide on puppies and not dolls because boys don't like dolls.

Riley is standing behind her unicorn pillow pet as still as can be waiting for her friend to come.  Julia is playing in the living room.


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