Sewing and Ukeleles

This afternoon the girls and I played several games together:  Connect 4, Chutes and Ladders.

Riley really wanted to work on decorating her ukelele so we waited until Julia was asleep.  She also wanted to practice sewing on her new sewing machine so we set that up as well.  Riley had a great time with all the materials.  She couldn't be more excited over all the projects she wants to do!

At Joann's today, they had 70% off their Christmas fabric plus I get an additional 15% off for being a teacher.  We got one yard of several fabrics so that she can make some different things.  We also purchased three patterns for her to start with:

1.  Pj sets
2.  More pj sets
3.  Purses, bags, and pillowcases

She is completely stocked up with fabrics to make a variety of things and is ready to start!  Love my crafty girl!


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