Cleaning and Shopping

The girls were getting more excited that Santa was coming in one day.  Jeremy worked the first half of the day.  The girls and I stayed home.  I cleaned the house thoroughly - even dusted (my least favorite thing to do in the world).  After dusting, I sneezed on and on and got congested.  Vacuumed the whole house, cleaned out the playroom (yeah!), put all the laundry away and admired our immaculately clean house.  So nice to get everything put away and clean and to have time to do it.  Had been way too long since the last thorough cleaning.

We were having Jeremy's parents over along with Monica and Madi so we needed to get food for tonight.  I told Jeremy I'd venture out to Walmart with the girls to save some time. the girls were super excited to go.  Let them know we wouldn't be buying any toys as Santa was coming, but we could look at the babies and barbies.  Julia always asks "Can we look at the babies and barbies?"  That is a special treat that makes the rest of the shopping trip much easier.

Before leaving for the store, the girls changed out of their pjs and into cute clothes.  Me, on the other hand, chose not to do anything.  Had on my Gilly Hicks sweatpants, grey Gap long sleeve shirt, Christmas Socks - oh yeah!, and running shoes.  I hadn't taken a shower since Friday morning.  My haircut was on Saturday so my hair had been washed three days ago.  After working so long the past few weeks, I was just in the mood to totally relax and by relax, I mean do absolutely nothing.  I was also fresh faced with no makeup whatsoever.  Didn't hide under a hat or even put lotion on.  Just walked out the door.  Figured it was more important to get the goods and take care of all the 'looks' later.  (which I did shower, wash my hair, put on makeup, deoderant, lotion AND cute jeans with a sweater - all around 2:00pm which was an hour before our family arrive)

It was a great trip to Walmart.  Noone gave me dirty looks.  Probably because they were looking at our cute girls.  I did get a great hug from a coworker in the checkout line.  Wonder if she was thinking she regretted hugging my smelly self after seeing me, but her face was all smiles and we chatted for a short time before we checked out.

Note to self:  noone in Walmart pays any attention to what you look like unless you are WAY over the top.  Will plan to not get fancied up again the next time we meet.


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