Thursday, February 18, 2016

No More Math

Riley does not enjoy doing the math games and studying them on the iPad using the program that our school uses.  We make her do it anyway.  Last night she was about in tears talking about how the school only has a short time to use the program and that it will be really bad for the school if she keeps using the app when they haven't paid for it and how it will charge them if she uses it and how she doesn't want to do it because it gives her multiplication and division when she is only supposed to be studying multiplication.

After hearing and watching her, I told her that she could choose to either do her math or email her teacher as to why she didn't want to do it.  She chose to email her teacher.  She spent roughly 30 minutes writing an email (doing the math would have taken half the amount of time... but I was curious as to what she'd write) and this is what she sent:

Dear Mrs. Neuschafer,
I am wondering when we are going to be done With reflex. Because when I am doing reflex itIs all mixed up now if you compare it to say..... IXL it is more focused on like certain Things  like say I only wanted to practice 5s in multiplication I could just go into the multiplication bar and choose 5s but with reflex it does not stay on like the same fact all the time. And yes I'm kinda persuading you to go more towards IXL but... I am also trying to see if you have looked and seen something better Than reflex. By the way there is also an app for IXL and I practically use it every day And it is a great app.
Your student,
               Riley Nichole Grant

Sent from my iPad

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TMEA 2016

The trip to San Antonio this past week was great.  Jennifer Ross and I drove down on Tuesday night and came home Saturday night.  There were several great sessions, awesome dinners and time with friends and wonderful concerts.  Some of my favorite moments are walking the riverwalk in the mornings on the way to our first session.  The weather was gorgeous - mostly high 70s and low 80s!

Several friends had their groups performing at the conference or were clinicians.  I'm hoping to do that one day soon.  Working towards being a presenter and learning how to teach other teachers.  It's inspiring to watch friends do this and cheer them on.

While I was at TMEA, my parents took Riley on a trip to TN.  They drove 12 hours there and back between Thursday and Sunday.  Riley told me that she was able to see deer, made two great friends (turns out they were cats) and had so much fun.  We gave her the choice between being at school for her Valentine's party and going on an adventure.  She chose the adventure!  No surprise there - takes after her Mommy in her desire to travel non-stop if possible.

Julia had time with Jeremy at home and went to school.  He took her to I Heart Yogurt and they got donuts in the morning.  She was thrilled and had so much fun!!

Another TN Tale

We drove through Greenville TX on the way home and she spotted a company called Union Security. She thought it was Onion Security, so she started laughing. 

“Onion Security?” she said. “Who would want to steal onions?”


Riley's Trip to Tennessee

My mom sent me the information below in an email... 

I thought you could blog these. She is so funny!

About 6 hours into the trip:
It feels like we’ve practically lived our whole lives in this car.

A while later:
Feels like I’ve grown two inches.

At the hotel breakfast bar:
R: I’m going to make waffles.
Me: Do you know how?
R: Yes, my dad showed me.
… after she made one perfectly she whispered to me:
My dad didn’t really show me. I just said that so you’d let me make them.

At Cracker Barrel, where she found Peppa Pig for Jules:
R: I bought a present for Jules before buying anything for myself. 
Grampa: But that’s just because you couldn’t find anything you wanted.
R: True. 

On the way home, after 10 hours of driving:
Riley (stretching her legs to the ceiling): I’m so tired of driving.
Grampa: I’m the one driving. Imagine how I feel.
Riley: Well at least you get to move your arms and legs.

At Burger King she ordered a kids meal and they forgot to include her apple juice. I went up to the counter to ask for it.
R: If you want something, you have to do it yourself.
Grampa: So why did you make Grandma go get your apple juice? Why didn’t you do it yourself?
R: Hey, I’m a kid. I’m supposed to be enjoying my life.

Towels in the Hamper

After Riley took a shower, she put her towel on the carpet and left it there while we had dinner.  I found it after dinner and brought it out to the laundry in the laundry room while asking her, "Riley, after you take a shower, where does your towel go?"  She responded with, "Oh, sorry!!"  I sarcastically said it didn't go there and asked her again to tell me where it goes.  Riley said, "In the hamper."  I then asked her if she knew what happens when we leave wet towels on carpet.  She said she wasn't sure.  I told her that it makes the carpet wet and it's not good for it.  Jeremy continued the conversation with more details..."it makes the carpet get all moldy and mildewy and smells like old people."  Riley then said, "So it smells like Grandma and Grandpa?"  (lol!!)

Jeremy clarified what he meant by 'old people' and Riley said, "Oh that makes more sense.  I was about to say that Grandma and Grandpa smell good!"

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Yesterday Julia woke up early and rather than waking me up, she took it upon herself to wake up Riley.  Not a good idea.  Julia came out crying because Riley had bitten Julia on the finger to get her off.  I asked why and Riley said Julia was laying on top of her and wouldn't get off.  Julia was crying and said that she just wanted to snuggle with her.

We talked about how she should never go in and wake Riley up in the morning.  Julia said she didn't know she was sleeping.  After hearing several excuses about how Julia didn't know she was sleeping/she just wanted to snuggle with Riley/she didn't see her sleeping, Riley came out and asked when we were getting donuts.  I told her that we weren't getting donuts for breakfast.  Riley began to cry.  Then the truth came out.

Riley shared that Julia came into her room and said that I had told her that if Riley would get dressed, we might go to the donut shop and get donuts for breakfast.  Julia emphasized that she said the word "might" and didn't promise Riley that we were getting them.  I asked her if I had said anything about getting donuts and she said "no... but I want them."  Riley was then crying because she wanted to stay asleep and she was hungry and donuts were all she wanted.  Julia was crying because she really, really wanted to eat donuts... or I Heart Yogurt... or candy.

I refused to get them donuts and made them eat regular breakfasts from home.  It took some time for them (particularly Julia) to understand that just because they wanted donuts, didn't mean that we were going to get them.