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Feelin' Good in the Rain

Tonight the girls asked if they could go running with me.  It had been raining practically all day and while it was still cloudy, the rain had stopped and I figured we probably had a while before it started again.  The three of us ran for 3/4 mile and then Julia came home to take a bath.  Riley and I started out to do around 3 miles - at her request.  The girls tend to run really really fast and then wear themselves out so much that they have to stop and walk for long periods before running as fast as possible.  Riley and I have gone running together a few times and I've explained how to pace yourself so that you can go for longer periods of time, but at a steadier pace.  Tonight I asked her if she wanted to do intervals of 2 minutes walk/2 minutes run or if we wanted to do it by distance - run .25 and walk .25.  She said she wanted to do intervals by minutes, but asked if we could run 1 minute and walk 3 minutes.  So that's what we did to start... for about the first ten minu…

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