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Fourth of July

It was a hot and humid morning!  We all woke up close to 10am and Riley had been asked to hold the sign and lead the children's parade in the neighborhood.  I texted Vivian's mom to let her know that Riley would be there by 10:20 after breakfast - thankfully we only live two streets away so it takes less than five minutes to get to the clubhouse!  Riley and Jeremy left for the children's parade while I stayed with Julia to help her finish getting ready before heading out around 10:30.

Our neighborhood celebrated it's 60th year and each street in the neighborhood can sign up to build a float to represent the theme.  Our street's theme last year was the "Marquis."  This year we were the "Memory Makers:  the Greats of 1958."  We get together at a neighbor's house the night before the Fourth of July for food, drinks, and fireworks.  Everyone chips in to help get the trailer and truck ready for the morning. 

 One of the traditions at Sparkman is …

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