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Sky Ranch - Julia

Julia had her first week at overnight camp at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas.  It was a fairly last minute thing as we'd gone back and forth on whether to do it the first week of summer with friends or by herself later in the summer.  Turned out that the first week was the perfect timing and she loved being with her friends Ellis and Yvie.

All four of us dropped her off on Sunday afternoon around 3:30pm.  The chocolate chip cookies were beyond delicious!  We each ate one and said we'd come back to the camp just for the cookie.  It was amazing as we drove through the entrance and were greeted by what seemed to be hundreds of camp counselors and workers.  They were all greeting us and yelling 'Welcome to camp!'  One of the leaders had what appeared to be sweat all over his pants and around the bottom of his butt.  Julia thought this was hilarious.  With all the attention from the counselors, Julia was a bit overwhelmed, but handled it great.

Her assigned cabin was Cabin 5 - Lit…

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