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First Swim Meet

Last night we attended the Gators vs. Piranhas Swim Meet at the Sparkman Pool.  They do such a great job of offering a friendly and competitive option for neighborhood kids to learn swimming strokes while meeting friends and getting a taste for whether this sport is something they'd want to pursue further in a club or YMCA setting.

The girls practice daily M-Th for 45 minute sessions.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have additional 45 minute sessions to work on strokes.  They only had 4 days of swim practice before they participated in the meet.  There were rules to follow as to how many hands must touch the wall at the end of their length/lap, turns at the end of the pool, etc...  The girls had worked on diving technique as well - something neither of them had ever learned before.

We arrived at 5:00pm to meet up with the team, get warmed up, and find out which events the girls would participate in.  The girls were chosen to be part of a few relay races as well as individual race…

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