Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Could she be any sweeter?!

Today was one of those days.  Jeremy is very under the weather and was sent home sick before lunchtime.  When I picked up the girls, Julia has a black eye that is swollen because she tripped over a toy and hit her eye on the toy bin at daycare.  Never even cried!  Riley has a raised and bruised bump on her left forehead because a kid pushed her on the playground and she hit her head on a metal pole.

I let the girls know that Jeremy wasn't feeling well and that we'd need to be considerate of him when we got home.

Jeremy was laying on the couch when we walked in.  I told him what happened with the girls, but that they're both fine.  Riley ran to go near him and I asked if she could stay back a little from Jeremy since he was sick.

Riley:  I'm sad, Dad.

Jer:  Why are you sad?  Because Jules has a black eye?

Riley:  No.

Jer:  Because you hit your head on a pole?

Riley:  No

Jer:  Then why are you sad?

Riley:  I'm sad because you are sick.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mean Mommy

I put Riley to bed tonight.  She was wiggling and squirming and in fact, is still awake at 8pm even though it's been over an hour since we read and put her to bed.

She kept playing with her monkey stuffed animal.  I told her she needed to lay with it and warned her that if she continued, I'd take it away.  She played with it a second time and I repeated the same thing.  She laid down with it for a very short while and then spun it around in the air over her head.

I stopped the spinning of the animal, gently took it from her and (not my best moment) then threw it across the room and told her "Lay down, babe.  It's time to rest and sleep!"  To which she sat up and replied:

"God would not let you do this to me!"

I said "Say that again?  What was that?"

She said very sternly "God would not let you do this to me.  He would not let you take that animal away from me.  You're being very mean to me.  God will not let you be mean to me."

I explained that she may feel that I'm being mean, but I'm simply following through and doing what I had warned her I would do.  She said "Well you're a mean mommy."  I said "Well that may be, but you know that you were playing with it and that you had two warnings."

She gave me a hug and then we lay down on the bed and I told her I loved her.


Riley was asking me yesterday where my Grandma is.  And I told her that both of my Grandma's are in heaven and that they are not here now.  But she didn't ask or say anything more and went away to play.

This morning on the way to her school, she started up the conversation again.

Riley:  Why did your Grandma die?
Me:  She got to be very old and became sick.
Riley:  How old was she?
Me:  About 80 - maybe a little older.
Riley:  Eight??!!!
Me:  No honey.  80.  It's a lot older than 8.
Riley:  Where is your Grandma now?
Me:  My Grandma is in heaven with Jesus.
Riley:  Well, how is she going to get back here to us?  I miss her.
Me:  Honey, she isn't.  We will go up there to see her one day.
Riley:  Ooohhhh...  well, what did she look like?
Me:  She was very beautiful.
Riley:  I want to see her.

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Six Weeks of School

Our ailments in the house since the girls started daycare:

Hand, Foot, Mouth
Stomach Bug Three Separate Times - two of which were in the middle of the night in her bed
Seemingly non-stop runny nose (though could be allergies?)

Stomach Bug Four Separate Times - two of which in the middle of the night in her bed and another while on the couch


Jeremy and I:
Gagging Reflexes at their peak.  Was quite a site trying to clean those beds at night and laughing at each other as the other was just trying to hold it all in themselves.  Thank God for humor.


Six loads a week minimum.  And most of it not mine.  Don't really mind it.  But gave a good teaching opportunity for us last week.

Jeremy asked Riley to do something and she went upstairs instead.  I walked in the room and asked what happened.  Jeremy told me (though I don't remember all the details) and so I called up to Riley:

Me:  Hey Riley?!

Riley:  Yea!

Me:  Come downstairs please.

Riley:  Why?

Me:  Because I'm your mom and I'm asking you to do it.

Riley:  (with a little sigh)  Ok Mom.  I'm coming.

Pitter patter.... pitter patter...

Down she comes.

Riley:  Yes?

Me:  Why won't you pick up the stuff Daddy asked you to?

Riley:  I didn't make the whole mess and I don't want to.

Me (surrounded by a big pile of her laundry):  Check this out.  What am I doing?

Riley:  Laundry.

Me:  Right.  And whose clothes are these?

Riley (little uncomfortable giggle):  Mine.  And Jules.

Me:  Are any of them mine?

Riley:  No.

Me:  Did I wear any of these clothes?

Riley:  No.

Me:  Who did?

Riley:  Me.  And Jules.

Me:  Then why am I doing them?

Riley:  I don't know.

Me:  Because I love you.  And so that you can have clean clothes.  Because it is a way I can help our family.  I didn't wear these clothes.  But I can do my part in helping to put them away and to help.  We help each other in our family.  It's a way we show that we love each other.  And that we care.  So instead of arguing or not cleaning up, can you please help and pick your things up?

Riley:  Sure Mom.

And off she went to clean up her mess.


Our little four year old girl is growing so much!  She is developing great handwriting skills, knows her days of the week - including what day is tomorrow and what day was yesterday, months of the year, continents, and planets.  Not just pure facts, but knowledge about each aspect of them.

She is getting such great time with little friends and developing friendships with such a diverse group of little people.  Her teachers are amazing.  She's sad when they are sick and asks us to pray for them so they can teach again.  She realized that she is important to the students and teachers last week when we dropped off Julia so that she could stay home and paint with Madi, Jer and I.  We walked past her room and every child ran to the door and yelled "Riley!!!"  She was beaming.  The teachers stopped the lesson - as none of the children were sitting and listening anyway - and came to the door to tell her they would miss her today, but that they hoped she had fun at home.  Riley was proud to tell them "Hey guess what?!  I just learned how to spell cat today!  C-A-T!" (Thank you iPod game!)  The kids all waved goodbye, gave hugs and the teachers smiled and hugged her as well.  As we left, a few kids walked into the hall briefly again just to wave goodbye.  She is so loved!

A few days later she said "I hope I don't have to miss school.  The other kids will miss me if I'm gone!"  Glad to know she feels valued and loved.  And she loves her friends so much.  Told me today how much she loves Parker and how funny another friend was.  Genuinely cares for them.

She is also learning things such as "I'm not going to be your friend anymore."  This starts way too young, but is giving us opportunities to talk about friendship and how to be a good friend.  When asked to wait a minute (turned out to be more than five minutes) before I could come see her drawing, she said "You're not my mom anymore.  I don't want to be your friend."  Ah, yes.  So it starts.  Lots of teaching moments for sure.


I love my husband.
I love my girls.
Couldn't love them more and always will.

Big Sister

I was getting Julia's humidifier ready for her in the bathroom tonight and filling it with water.  Riley came in and asked if she could go into Julia's room to have a big sister moment with her since she was alone. (Jules was in her crib with the lights on in her room)  I told her that she could definitely go in and do that!

When I went into Julia's room, Riley was sitting on the chair and talking to her.  Jules was giggling in her crib, had her bottle in her hand and was just smiling like crazy.  Riley was saying "Oh Jules!  You have your bottle in your hand, silly girl!"

Then I asked Riley if she wanted to read a story to Julia.  She was sooo excited about this!  So she picked out the Five Little Monkeys book that she has memorized and read it word for word to Julia.  I ran downstairs and got the camera.  And started taking pics.

Julia asked "Book!  Book!"  I asked if she wanted to read the book with Riley and she said "yea!"  So I sat her in the chair next to Riley.  She tried stealing the book from her and yelling "Mine!"  so we gave her the Fish Kisses Book.  So Riley is reading one out loud while Julia is making the sounds from her book.  Adorable!

Then Julia tried to rock the chair and giggled.  So Riley got out and started pushing the chair and Julia laughed uncontrollably.  Loads of giggles.

Have to say this was the highlight of my day!