Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Our annual trip to see Santa Claus always happens the week of Thanksgiving.  Let's face it - shorter lines and more time with him.  Not to mention I am off work so it's just that much easier to fit it in.

I decided to take the girls today before the week got away from us.  We went to Willow Bend Mall and the girls were quite excited.  Julia wasn't quite sure what she was excited about, but was happy as could be anyway.  Riley chose her outfit - purple dress with black leggings and her pink cowboy boots.  I did her hair, but it only lasted about five minutes into the drive there before she put on a Santa hat and pulled everything out.  So much for that.

The girls were great in line and waited patiently.  Even though there were only three people in front of us, it still took about 20 minutes as they gave us a lot of time in the ice palace snow globe.  At each section, they had ropes tying it off and you were only allowed into the next section once each person had moved on.  This allowed us to be by ourselves each time which was great.  The girls sat on the ice throne and were smiling huge until Julia saw the snow falling in the globe.  Forget about waiting our turn.  She took off running and darted under the ropes.  I caught her shirt and was able to pull her back.  She fussed for a minute, but thankfully I was able to divert her.

Once the girls got inside the snowglobe, they started running in the snow and throwing it at one another. They loved it!  Then came the best part:  seeing Santa!

I asked Riley to go up to him first so that Julia would see that it was ok (which is funny because last year I had him hold Julia first because she was always so happy to go to anyone and this made Riley comfortable with going to him).  Riley stood right by him and was beaming.  I set Jules in his lap and she was staring at him, a little unsure, but then started giggling and smiling.  The girls took a super cute picture.

Santa asked Riley what she wanted and she said "A puppy."  To which Jules replied "Puh-pee!!  Yes!!!"
So then Riley said "We'd like two puppies then."  And Santa replied "Ok."

They got their ice palace book to take home and we paid for the pics.  Afterward we met Jeremy at Pei Wei for some dinner.  And took the girls home to go to bed.  A very sweet day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Love, Love, Love

We're so funny!

Love this.  Riley chose Madi as her best friend.

Her Thanksgiving Placemat

Here Comes Christmas!

How to make frozen popsicles

Today is the first day off for Thanksgiving break!  Loving it.  Home with Jules and Riley while Madi is at a playdate all day with Elizabeth.  So far we've done really exciting things - watched Boz, played in the playroom and gone to Walmart.   And it's been awesome!!

Riley and I turned on the movie "12 Dogs of Christmas" while we both snuggled under a blanket on the couch.  Julia was upstairs sleeping.  I saw Riley go into the kitchen and open a Danimal yogurt.  Thought she was just getting one to eat so I turned around and watched the movie some more and she came in and sat by me.

She said she was hungry after she sat down and I didn't remember seeing her eat it.  So we went to the fridge to find this:

She told me that she was very sad because they weren't getting frozen.  And that she'd seen a commercial on tv where they stick popsicle sticks inside cups and they make frozen pops, but for some reason hers were not working.  And they wouldn't stand up right in the freezer so she had to put them in the fridge.  And that it was a mess on the freezer floor from where the danimal dropped.  And that little kids just can't clean up by themselves.  It's not possible. They can't do it.  Just can't.  Only can clean up with help from someone else.

We put a few of them in the freezer and covered them.  So we'll see if we can actually make frozen pops today.

Animal Sounds

Us:  What sound does a dog make?
Jules:  heheheheh (panting sound)
Us:  What does a horse say?
Jules:  Neigh, Neigh
Us:  What does a duck say?
Jules:  Qua, Qua
Us:  What does a sheep say?
Jules (in a very deep, loud, mean sound):  BAAAAA!

Cute things I've forgotten to share

So here are a few things that happened in October:

1 - My parents were over the house.  Riley turns her body towards us in the living room.  She is about to fart and says "I'm going to fart at you."  Then proceeds to let it out.  Then says "I wanted to creep you out."

Okay - so I only remember one thing.  But then Halloween came!


1 - The girls were sooo cute!  Julia was dressed as Alice in Wonderland, Riley was a cowgirl (from head to toe) and Madison was Cleopatra.  We all went to my parents neighborhood party where they got to pet animals at the little petting zoo area - chickens, bunnies, etc... - and go on a hayride.  Their favorite part was getting to ride ponies at the pony corral.

2 - On Halloween night, the girls went to a few houses on our street before Jules went to bed.  They were very excited.  Julia tore down the street.  Was running SO fast!  At one of the first homes, they had a skeleton head that moved and lit up and talked.  When it was pointed out to Julia, she said "Doggie!"

3 - My dad and Jeremy took Riley and Madison out around the neighborhood while I put Jules down and then my mom and I passed out candy.  At the homes, Riley asked the people if she could pick out her by saying "May I please pick my own?"  to which she was often told "Sure - take two!" (or more)

4 - At one of the homes, the man gave Riley a huge handful of candy and Riley goes "That's too much" and handed him back a Reese's.  Reminded me of how last year she brought all of her candy to Grandma and Grandpa's house and then passed out her own candy to the other kids that came to the door.

5 - And of course, Riley wanted to pet all of the dogs :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our little Cannibal

Sharp Teeth.
Wounded Friends.
Time Out.

The culprit?  Our little 19 month old Jules, the little cannibal.  Two more notices home today that she bit a friend on the back and another on the arm at preschool.  Yesterday she bit Riley in the stomach when she was blocking her from getting into the pantry again.  A few days ago she chose to put herself in time out during preschool and kept saying "walk away please" to herself as she walked around the classroom.  She managed to tell her teacher that she sat in time out because she wanted to bite her friend's hand.  Kept pointing to her hand and saying "walk away" and then put herself in time out.

Jeremy told her in the car ride home today "Jules, we don't eat our friends."

Julia simply replied "Yesh."  (yes)