Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Riley set up a text message that goes to Grandpa, Grandma, Jeremy, Julia, Riley and myself.  She titled it 'Family Forever.'  The girls often share pics and videos on it.  One of Julia's favorite ways to text is to use the automatic word creator and she chooses random words to send to us.  A recent text from her was this:

We will have the same number of you will get you back to our house and our dinner will be a great day one day for tomorrow we are all good things we are about to head out until quickly we can get back to work we will be able for the best of all things we can share and the world and said she will do the work we will do it for w you can do it all w to get to the game to play with them and the girls are they will win this game is great for who you can play with your kids and the kids are you available to watch and play with what time works great

A few days ago Julia sent my mom three links to songs from her favorite show Liv and Maddie - without telling me.   My mom wrote "Jules?  Is that you?"

One of my favorites was when Riley was wanting to spend the night at Charlie Grace's house.  She texted "Can I please please please please please stay at Charlies house!!!!!  I would love it if I could!  I would do anything!  I really want to!  And Charlie's mom said it was ok!"

We Facetimed and shared that she had been so crabby that it was best that she come home instead.  Riley then texted this gif that was hilarious from the remake of The Little Rascals movie.  The little girl is smashing a can of pop in her hands while making an angry face.  Riley told us that she looked up angry gifs and found this one.  She said there were other ones that would have shown how angry she was but they probably weren't appropriate and she might have gotten in trouble so she didn't send them. Lol!

Bike Riding

The girls have been wanting to ride bikes.  We have two bikes in the garage - one with training wheels and princesses on the side and the other was a purple bike.  It's rare that we go out bike riding and I've felt guilty that Julia hadn't learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels
and she's already seven.  Come to find out that the purple bike now fits her and Riley needed a new one.

Yesterday we went out to purchase a new bike for Riley and then promptly came home to ride bikes in the park across the street.  I had forgotten how hard it is to hold the back of the bike while running/walking and being slightly hunched over.  In a way, the fact that Julia is taller and not four years old means it was a lot easier to help her along.  She had a few seconds of biking alone without me holding on.  She was very determined and did a great job learning and listening.  If she felt me let go, she immediately stopped pedaling.  But soon learned how to focus on continuing to go without looking at her legs.  Riley enjoyed riding her bike through the parking lot and along the path.  She was very encouraging and would shout out "Great job Julia!"

This morning we chose to go out to try biking again.  We did about four laps up and down the path with some short distances of letting her go on her own.  On about the fifth time on the path, I let go and Julia just kept riding and riding.  Riley rode behind her yelling out encouragements and saying how proud she was of her.  Was so incredibly sweet.  Julia is a total champ!  She's got the bike riding down.  She told me that she wants to learn how to start herself off tomorrow morning so we'll work on that and she'll be all set to continue practicing on her own.  Such a cool day!