Julie Doll

The past few weeks in particular Julia has been asking for the American Girl Doll Julie.  She loves her and it was the only thing she wanted for Christmas.  Literally the only thing.

Tonight when we went to my parents house after Julia's and my long three hour nap, she started crying out of the blue.  We had opened several small gifts - some jingle bells, a puzzle and a game Headbanz.  It hit her that she hadn't gotten the doll and she was so incredibly sad as it was all she wanted.

Jeremy was holding her as her eyes were completely filled with large tears.  I asked him what was wrong and he told me that Santa didn't bring her doll.  We talked with her for a little while and then I held her too.  She calmed down and was fine.

After dinner, my mom and I took the girls upstairs so that they could play.  In reality, we were just giving Jeremy and my dad time to set out a gift for each girl that they had really hoped for.  My mom checked to see if they were ready and they were so we went downstairs.

Riley saw the gifts immediately and found the one with her name on it.  It was heavy and she couldn't lift it so she started to push it and tilt it over.  My dad helped her out.  Then Julia saw her gift and sat down to open it.  Riley told Julia to go first.

As soon as the paper was ripped on the side and she could see the stars on the maroon/pink box, she gasped out loud.  Amazing that she recognized what it was just from that.

She tore the rest of the paper off and was beyond happy to see that she had gotten her Julie doll.  The rest of the night she and her doll have been inseparable.  She couldn't wait to hold her and held her in her arms the entire way home.  She changed her clothes and had a smile so big on her face.

I told her that I was so happy for her that she got her doll.  She simply answered "Thanks Mom."

It's not that the other presents mattered because she loved every single one of them.  It was that she had hoped for this doll above all else and for her to actually get what she hoped for was so special.  I haven't shared with her that the new AG doll of the year 2014 is a ballerina.  Thinking I know what we'll be getting her for her birthday...


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