Chocolate.  One of Julia's all-time favorite things in life.  And she will fight to the finish for it every time.  Two students brought a small tub of chocolate covered peanuts and since we had to drive to Lewisville to pick up some of my work things, they opened up the tub in the backseat.  I told Julia to take one more and give the tub to Riley.

Julia:  But I want a lot of chocolate!  Riley ate a lot of chocolate.

Riley:  That's because I'm bigger!

Julia:  Mom, when I'm bigger, I can eat all the chocolate I want, right?  I will eat ALL de chocolate!

My reply had something to do with eating healthy foods and enjoying a little bit of unhealthy foods, but that our bodies need good fuel to function well.  A little bit of chocolate is totally fine, but we don't want to eat only chocolate.


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