Wednesday, April 13, 2016


We listened to a few Broadway tunes on the way home.  One of them being "If they could see me now" from Sweet Charity.

When the song finished Riley said, "Wow.  Everyone is so about themselves these days.  Especially Batman."


Since moving into our home last year in July, our room above our garage has been our holding place. It holds all the stuff we weren't sure what to do with.  We wanted to keep it or didn't have time to completely finish weeding out 3,200 sq ft of things into our 2,300 sq ft home or they had sentimental value, but absolutely no use in everyday life.

The girls ventured upstairs with me to see if we had anything that would work for an elf costume for Riley's performance tomorrow.  No such luck.  However, they did find tons of treasures.  I came downstairs to do some laundry and talk with Jeremy.  When I called them down for dinner, I watched as Riley brought down a doll stroller with tons of stuff and a large basket full of other stuffed animals and toys.  Julia brought a bag full of things as well as a few more stuffed animals.  I told them to keep them upstairs;  after all, they could still play with them upstairs anytime.  The girls decided to continue to sneak it into their rooms.

Me:  I'm not pleased that you're not listening to my directions.

Julia:  (dragging the stroller as fast as she can into her room) Mom, I can't resist it!

Riley:  Mom, you'll love all the things we found.

Me:  Yes... I'll love them all back upstairs!

Julia:  But how can you resist this?  Look - I found a B-A-R-B-I-E spacing B-A.... immmm

Me:  B-A-B-Y?

Julia:  Yes!  How do you resist that?

Later she comes from her room holding a pink stuffed animal bunny:

Julia:  Do you know why I said I couldn't resist anything?  It's because of this cute little bunny.  (kisses it)  It's such a cute little bunny.  I'm going to sleep with it tonight.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Julia is the chokingest thing.  Chokes constantly.

She began choking out of nowhere.

Julia:  I swallowed air from outside.


Julia wanted to send a letter to her friend Ariana.  She chose to put ink stamps of shapes and animals all over the envelope.  I thought she just wanted to decorate it.

After she was done she asked me, "Did you put our house number on the letter to Ariana?  Does she know where we live?"

Me:  She will when she gets the letter.  We just need to send the letter with Daddy so he can put a stamp on it.

Julia:  But I already put stamps on it!

Oh!!  Finally I understood why she used her stamp set to put stamps all over the envelope.  She'd heard us talk about putting stamps on letters so we could mail them.


Julia made Jeremy a sweet card during Capers.  She wrote three things she loved about him:
one being that he snores.  She thought that was funny.

The next day she made me a sweet card with three things she loved about me:  one being that I snore. She laughed so hard and then said, "I'm just teasing about the snoring.  I'm just kidding about that."

There's more in the Bible than you could ever know

Having believed in Jesus and read/studied the Bible thoroughly, I'm always amazed to see what can still be found.  We recently bought Riley the Kidz Adventure Bible.  She needed a new one that was more age appropriate.  This one took her to a whole new level.

We started at Genesis 1 with the plan of reading through the first book.  I didn't remember there being too much in there that would have to be explained.  Yes, Noah gets drunk and sleeps with his daughter.  And there's plenty of sin in Sodom and Gomorrah.  And other things.  But couldn't think of anything too risky that would have to be explained.

Our first night reading Genesis 1 resulted in Riley asking questions.
Riley:  Was there anything before God?  They didn't explain about dinosaurs.  How did He know what to call things?

The more we read, the more amazed she was.
Riley:  I don't remember this before!  It's like I'm finally getting to the good stuff!

I love her excitement for learning about God and life in general.  We've continued to have great discussions.  Though a few lately have been left with us telling her few details and letting her know we'll go into more discussion as she grows.  The first one being when the Bible describes a woman being raped.  Riley didn't know what that word meant.  As it was late at night, I didn't want to scare her so I explained that it's when (in this case) a man did something to a woman's body that she didn't want him to do.  That was enough for her and while she told us she wanted to know what it was, it would have brought an entirely adult conversation about sex and other things that are just too much right now.

The other conversations occurred in Genesis when Jacob offers his daughters to the men... when there's another rape around chapter 37 or so.  We've chosen to stop at chapter 38 and move onto the book of Matthew.  We're not afraid to talk with our girls about topics of importance.  However, you do have to be wise in the timing.

There's definitely more in the Bible than I remember!  Guess I don't study those books as often.


Julia kept sniffling while reading her book to me.  Then said sweetly, "I'm a bit snuffy tonight."

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Riley has had some attitude lately.  Giving lots of stares, crossed arms and working the attitude.  Last night she was being rude so I sent her to her room.  She wrote a note to Jeremy (?!) that was super sweet:

Dear dad,
I'm very sorry about how I've acted.  You don't derve how rude I've been.  So, I'de like to say I'm sorry.
Love you always,
turn over

And if you're not still mad I'de love for you to come in and sleep with me?!

It was a super sweet note... to Jeremy.

Bugs and Dogs

Our dog Val enjoyed a water beetle the other day.  Enough about that.

We've been trying to explain to Julia that she shouldn't kiss Val on the face as he puts his mouth on things we don't need near our faces.

Jeremy:  Val is a bug licker.
(Julia kisses the dog)
Julia:  I kiss bugs!  I kiss bugs!

Julia (to Riley):  Me and Val kissed on the lips.
Jeremy:  Still finding it very disgusting.
Riley:  Don't kiss me.
Julia:  mmmm... (kisses her)

Julia (to me):  Just so you know, me and Val kissed on the lips.  We are married.
Me:  (silence)
Jeremy:  Well, he is already dressed in his black and white suit.