Mini-Winter Vacation

This has been one of the best times we've had as a family in a long time!  We always enjoy our time together as a family, but it always seems as though our time is crunched to get everything in.  It's hard to slow down and just stay home and be together.  This ice storm forced us to slow down and just be.  We have laughed together so many times.  We've played games, read books, made brownies, painted toe nails (just the girls on that one), danced and sang to Pandora... among many other things.  Today was no exception.

This morning Julia woke me up at 6:30.  Half an hour later than on Friday morning so it was practically sleeping in.  We read seven books of her choice.  She was in heaven.  Then we brought down all the Lego Friends sets and played legos.  Riley joined us.  Jeremy slept in late and then we all hung out downstairs playing.

The girls hadn't had showers yesterday so they definitely needed them today.  Before going up to do that, I asked if they wanted to go outside.  They were all over that!  Having seen videos of friends outside, I thought it might be fun if Riley wanted to try sledding down our front yard.  After all there is at least 2 inches of ice covering the entire yard.  Jeremy got a bin lid for us to sled down on.  There was a few things we didn't think about:

1.  Rubber rain boots don't function well on ice
*We're Texans!  We don't own winter boots!

2.  How we'd walk back up or even how we'd manage to get up

Jeremy videotaped it and laughed throughout the whole thing.  It was really fun to sled down!  Just extremely difficult to get up!  Riley fell flat on her bottom once and fell to the side another time.  I went to get up and my feet slid right out.  Tried again and same thing so I just crawled to a 'dry' spot of cement that wasn't ice covered.  We walked slowly up on the safest parts and went right inside.

Jeremy went to Walmart and got groceries.  Said there was absolutely no milk at all in the store.  He said the shelves were bare in many places.  But they had the museum lego set he'd been wanting!  :)

We went out to Michaels to get some yarn for my Etsy orders, Pei Wei for dinner (Riley kept calling it Pee Wee) and then home to do some family lego building!  It was a fabulous day!  And continues tomorrow as we have no school again tomorrow.  What a blessing to have so much time at home with the girls and Jeremy!  What a blessing to be forced to relax and rest during what is usually my most stressful and busiest season of the year.  Thank you Jesus!!


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