Friday, February 22, 2013

Twin Day

Today was our School Council day:  Twin Day!  If students wanted, they could choose someone in the school to dress alike with.  Riley and I thought it'd be fun to dress up the same together.  Thankfully the store Justice (her favorite!) has clothing that fits me as well.  Not that I make a habit of it because it is truly bright and crazy.  Did get matching pjs for Pajamarama last year to match Madi though!  Nice to be able to be a twin with the girls when needed.

Riley found a blue, neon green and white shirt that says "Hope" across it in tulle.  She also picked out the headbands she wanted us to wear.  White headbands with a flower on the side.  We wore blue jeans and tennis shoes to match - only kind of shoes we have that are the same.

This morning I rubbed her back and said "Good morning twin!"  She popped up no problem and was super excited to get ready for school.  Jeremy took a few pics of us and off we went.

Riley was excited to show her friends that we matched.  We had our pic taken by Ms. Cone for the wall of wow.  Fun times!!  So thankful she finds me cool enough to dress up with!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Riley has been asking about getting a kite for a while now.  We looked up how to make them, how to fly them and talked about it.  That was a month or two ago.  On Friday we went grocery shopping and they had a whole section out with kites.  She found a Darth Vader kite (that she calls Dark Vader) and it was only $1.37.  I got her that kite and Julia a princess kite.  All day yesterday she kept looking outside to see if there was enough wind blowing the trees so that she would know it was windy enough to fly her kite.  There wasn't any wind yesterday so no kite flying.

After church today, she looked out and saw the branches blowing.  We all went outside in the afternoon after Julia and I took a nap together.  Jeremy was able to get her kite up but he was having to go into the street and it was looking like it'd hit a tree or wrap around the lamppost.  The four of us walked down to the park.  Riley was skipping and had a huge smile on her face!  Julia was excited to go swing!

It was the most perfect kite flying day and absolutely beautiful weather!  Riley was very patient with the kite and took her time with it.  She handled it so well.  The kite was incredibly high up in the sky and stayed up there a long long time!!

Jeremy had the other kite in the air for a while and then let some neighborhood boys fly it for a while which was nice.  He was loving it and helped Riley out.  Though for the most part, she did it herself.

At one point, she let go of the handle of the kite to pull up her socks.  The kite went flying away in front of her.  Ended up going over the fence of a neighbor near the park.  They were gracious enough to come out and help get it off their fence and help us.  Was so sweet!  Riley and I took off running after it.

Then it slipped out of her hand at the end and ended up on the roof of the pavilion.  We ended up throwing away both kites because they were tangled and broken.  But it was such a fun fun day!!

Could not believe how great Riley did with it and how well she handled the kite.  Loved watching her focus and joy all afternoon!!  Julia never wanted to fly them.  We spent lots of time on the swings and going down slides together which I loved too!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fearless Conference

Just attended the first night of our Women's Conference at church.  I was excited to go to hear Lisa Bevere.  Didn't really know much about her.  But was super super excited to hear Nichole Nordeman sing.  Seriously one of my favorite songwriters and singers ever.  Heard her in concert several times when I lived in Michigan over ten years ago.  She's amazing.  And I love the lyrics and the depth to them.

I pulled out my phone to take a short video of her singing and saw that Riley had texted me.  Made me tear up.  She took a picture of her minecraft building on her minecraft app.  Then wrote:



I. Love. You. Mom

(a picture of herself smiling laying down in bed.  cutest thing ever!!!)

I.  Love. You. Too.

I.  Nede.  You  Mom

Was so incredibly sweet.  I'm pretty sure that she fell asleep after writing this.  Jeremy was putting Julia to sleep and we let her play on the iPod while she is alone in her room if one of us isn't home until we are done putting Julia to sleep.  Jeremy said that he went to check on her after getting Julia down and she was already asleep in her room.  Her last text to me was at 8:27pm and Jeremy went in at 8:30pm.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Life has been too busy.  Totally forgot my hair appointment a week ago!  Called up to Tony's Salon and talked to Jessica and asked if I had missed it.  Sure had!!  No wonder my roots are so long.  So in another two weeks I'll get a hair cut and that will feel wonderful!

Riley told us tonight that she was going to drizzle!  And proceeded to dribble her basketball in the playroom.  She also told us something about Baby Bob on Barney.  We were like "Baby Bob?"  It's actually Baby Bop and she is truly one of the most annoying characters ever!  Cracked us up.  So now we keep talking about Baby Bob to each other.  Not in front of her because we don't want her to feel bad.  It was just so cute!

Guess we're all a little mixed up in our own way!  :)

Monday, February 11, 2013


After school today, the art teacher said that she had a very sweet story to share about Riley in class today.  They were creating LoveBugs on paper and when they were finished, they were allowed to go over to a table to get new paper and draw.

Riley finished her project and went over to the table to get paper.  But then walked away and just sat down.  Ms. Martin went over to ask her what she was doing.  Riley said "I was going to get a piece of paper to draw on, but I saw that there were only a few pieces of paper and if I took one, there wouldn't be papers for other kids who would want to draw.  So I decided to just sit down."

Ms. Martin got her some paper and told her it was ok for her to draw.  Love that she is so others-centered!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


The number game:  I wrote down a number a week or so ago when Riley and Kiah were both wanting to decide who could go first.  The first person closest to the number gets to go first.

Riley and Julia were trying to figure out who could have the gazelle (reindeer) first so Riley decided to show Julia how to play the number game.  I told her that the concept of it would be difficult for Julia, but Riley wanted to teach her.

Riley:  Ok, so here is how to play the game Jules.  I wrote down a number between 1 and 10.  You can't look at it.  Choose a number that is smaller than ten.  Take a guess.

Julia:  10

Riley:  I choose...... 3!  Oh look!  The number I wrote down was 4.  So that means I go first!

Julia:  I want the number 4!

Riley:  Well, I win.  That's how you play the game.


Julia:  Mom!!!  Look outside!  I hear Santa.  Come and see!  Santa is at our window.

Took me over an hour to explain that Santa comes in many more months and that he wasn't outside.  Really I only explained it twice and then just let her get things ready for Santa.  Even opened the front door and she looked, but didn't see him.

Hoping she sees Santa at 8am tomorrow instead of 6am.

Listening In

Riley:  Julia, you need to eat your food.  Or else Santa won't come.

Julia:  No.

Riley:  He won't come if you don't do the right thing.  And you're not following one of his rules.  Which is eating.

Julia:  I am eating.

Riley:  No you're not.

Julia:  I am!!

Riley:  Do you want apple juice Jules?

Julia: No.  I don't want apple juice.

Riley:  Well, you need to eat.

Julia:  I am eating.

Riley:  Then eat some more.

Julia:  I am!

Riley:  I could put the Lincoln Logs away!

Julia:  No!

Riley:  Then you need to eat.  Eat Child!  And you'll get water first ok.

Julia:  I want juice.  One two three four five six seven ...

Riley:  Enough counting now.  Just eat.

(Julia gets out of her chair and hits her head on the table and says "ow!")

Riley:  (Very matter of fact)  Well, that's what happens when you goof around!

More singing occurs and skipping around the house.  "I'm going to Santa, Santa... I'm going to see Santa!... I need to go poop and pee!!!"

Riley goes first:  Wait for me!

Julia:  That's a reindeer.

Riley:  You can only hold it for a minute but then I'll hold it while you're on the potty.  Jules - I'm about to flush!  And then you have to give the gazelle back.  Now you go potty!

Julia:  Ok!  Then I get the reindeer!  (singing "one little two little three little reindeer" while on the potty)

Friday, February 8, 2013


Julia was sitting in my lap as I read a story to her.

Jules:  Your arm be like Grandpa's.

This is said as she is rubbing my arm and feeling the small hairs on it.  She always loves to rub my dad's arms and play with the hair on them.

Visiting Santa

Julia was on a huge kick about Santa tonight.  As I laid down in her bed and she sat up talking and talking and talking, she told me a lot of things about what we could do with Santa.  She was desperate to see him.

Jules:  I make him a basket with lots of goodies for Santa.  I say 'Santa, here are some things for you' - 'oh thank you julia' he would say.  And I would say 'you're welcome!' and he would say 'this is awesome!'

Then we could go visit him.  I want to see Santa!  I want to see Santa!  I want Presents!!!!!!!

Me:  Julia, Santa won't be here for a long time, but you do have a birthday coming up and you'll get a few presents then.

Jules:  Oh yeah!!!  I would like a doll, another doll, a Dora doll (as she is saying this, she is picking up the dolls she wants).  I want them at my birthday so they could sing Happy Birthday to me!  And I would like my other doll (she walks across the room to get it and throws it on her bed).  That would be fun!!!  I would go phhhhhhhhhh and blow out the candles on my cake.  And eat it.

Me:  That will be fun!  You'll be three!!

Jules:  one two three four five six.

Silence for one second.

Jules:  I want to see Santa.  Where is he?

Me:  He's at the North Pole.

Jules:  We could go see him!  We could take Grandpa's car and Grandma's car and we could drive to go see him.  It would not be hard.  We could do it!

Me:  It's a very long drive, Jules.

Jules:  We could do it!!  I want to see Santa!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


What started out as my mom and I doing a girls trip this summer has turned into a trip with Riley as well.  Julia is still little and with naps it would require dealing with a potentially tired and cranky preschooler.  Jeremy has to work and taking days off are hard.  With $300 in vouchers, figure it'd be great to use them and have some fun!  So we're trying to figure out where to go.  Thinking of a few scenarios:

1.  Florida - beach, beach house, warm (hot)
2.  Michigan - family, cooler weather, Cedar Point
3.  Jon and Allison's place in Rhode Island - family, warm (or hot), Boston, NYC
4.  Somewhere else

I talked to Riley about it yesterday and asked where she'd want to go.  She asked if we could pull out her USA puzzle map.  So she started looking at it and I gave her the options we were thinking of.

She immediately knew where she wanted to go:  Michigan!  She said she wants to go there because she wants to see where I grew up (very sweet of her).  I was thinking that visiting Jon and Allison would be a lot of fun.  But Riley told me "No Mom!  I've already been to Boston and I want to go somewhere I haven't been before."  Wow.  If ever I wondered if she was like me at all, that statement solidified it.  So how I always think!

Riley said she'd love to go on vacation.  She was all for alone time with Grandma and me.  I told her Grandpa might come.  She says "Oh yea!  That would probably be low key!"

She is adamant that Michigan is where she'd like to go.  Then I asked what she'd want to do and she said "Ice Skate!!!"  I told her that it wouldn't be that cold in Michigan and that it would be warm.  She frowned and said "Nevermind.  I don't want to go there then.  I want to go somewhere with snow.  Let's go to Antarctica!!!"

I told her that no matter where we go, it will not be somewhere really cold.  That it will definitely be warm.

Will be interesting to see where we end up!!  Planning is half the fun anyways so it's been a blast thinking and planning for where we might go!

One Hundred Years Old

Riley had an assignment for the 100th day of school.  She had to complete a paper.  So she wrote:

When I am 100 years old, I hope I can jump out of an airplane!

Hoping her Uncle Jon is still alive at that point to do it with her :)

Almost Friday

One of those weeks where if felt as though it might never end.  Hasn't been a bad week.  Just long.

Julia is refusing to eat food at the daycare.  Happened twice this week.  First time we weren't told about it.  She just came home and devoured her dinner and kept asking for more.  Then woke up at 4am with me starving.  I refused to give her food because I just wanted to sleep and thought she was confused as to what time it was.  She cried a little but then fell asleep as well.

Then I asked her teacher if she ate lunch that day (after Julia told me in the morning that "I no eat my yunch yesserday") and her teacher said she ate nothing.  Felt really bad for not getting her something to eat!

Yesterday she came home and devoured tons of food for dinner.  She is loving her yogurt these days and had two large yogurts, a sandwich, a star crunch snack and some other food.  Though she did inform us that she did not eat lunch ("It be yucky!") so we knew she needed lots to eat.

And still woke me up at 4am.  After falling out of her bed onto me twice.  Poor girl!  I did wake up and get her another yogurt because that was all she wanted.  I watched her eat it by candlelight since it was too "sunny" (as Jules would say) when the lights were on.  We went back upstairs and slept for a little while, but it took awhile to get back to sleep.

Riley has been incredibly tired this week.  The flu really wore her out and she's just tuckered out.  Even sat out of gym class due to a bad cough and tiredness.  She had a fever of 100.3 yesterday afternoon after school.  But after meds, felt fine all night.  No fever in the morning, but we gave her meds just in case so that she could make it through the day today which she did.  Now she is worn out again and so we're hoping for a very early bedtime if possible.

Looking forward to Riley getting better and Julia getting sleep.  Don't like to see our babies like this, but thankful to be able to care for them!

Time For a New Clock

The clock in my classroom has been broken for a few weeks.  Put in a work order and the guy came in today to fix it.  Has been so funny to see students watching as the seconds hand is going completely bonkers on it.  They found it really funny so we actually talked about how normal clocks tick on a steady beat and this clock has an unsteady beat.  Geeky I know, but they got it.  I actually put a poster on top of it so it was less distracting.

The guy walks in and gets up on the ladder, unhooks the wires and drops my clock to the ground while saying "Bye Bye Clock!  No more clock for you!"  I just stared at him and was thinking "He's totally kidding.  I'm always gullible so I'm not falling for that one."  I watched as he threw it in the recycle bin, climbed up the ladder and slammed my poster against the big metal square that is now on the wall.

He says "No more clocks in here."  I told him I was always gullible and asked if this was a joke.  He told me he was serious as a door nail or something like that.  Then said that the Superintendent has advised all of them that if clocks are beyond repair (as mine is) that they are to recycle them and not replace them.  The Super is not a fan of clocks and said that rooms have tvs with scrolling times as well as our own personal devices so we don't need clocks in the classrooms.  I asked if this was saving the district money.  He said he didn't know but it was strange.  Then he said "Enjoy having a room with no clock!" and left with his bag.

The clock is in the recycle bin.  I checked it out and it is damaged.  Wondering what ideas on Pinterest I could find for it...

Saturday, February 2, 2013


My medicine is called TriNessa.  TriNessa.  TriNessa.  I should have repeated this as a mantra to myself before sending an email to my health care company's prescription website. They always (and I mean always) substitute my medicine with another generic medicine and it causes me major issues.  So I had my dr. write a new prescription and still - they did the same thing.  I have to call every three months to make sure they send the correct one.  Have been told that my healthcare company prefers the other medication for me as it supposedly is the same thing and it costs them less.  Well, that's great, but it doesn't do what I need it to do and it costs me a lot more in other ways.

So I wrote them an email before they sent this next dose:

My prescription is for TriNessa.  I can not have Tri-Previfem as it does not work for my body and causes major issues.  I must have TriNessa and no substitutions.  I have called every three months to make sure it is not substituted and my doctor has also called in a new prescription.  Do not send TriNessa!  Only send Tri-Previfem!  I can only have Tri-Previfem!  Thanks so much.

Just a little confusing....

(Thankfully, I caught it AFTER it was sent and so I sent three more emails stating that I had mixed up the message and that I did truly need TriNessa.  They were so helpful and understanding and have now sent the correct medicine in the mail.  Curious to see which one arrives this week...)

Grocery Shopping

Yesterday Riley and I went grocery shopping after work.  $103.72 later and we had our groceries for the week.  Boo yah!!  So much price matching this week and last.  Made some fabulous deals and Riley was a champ both times.  Easy in, easy out.  I pushed the cart out the doors as Riley skipped near me until we got into the parking lot where she held the side - good job Riley!

I popped the trunk, unlocked the doors and put the keys in my right pocket.  Riley hopped into the car and sat in the back seat turned around watching me put groceries inside.  I loaded up as we talked and then took the cart to the corral.

Came back to shut the trunk and then walked to my door.  Felt around for the keys... and patted a flat pocket.  Felt the other pocket.  Looked around for a second and knew I hadn't gone to the sides of the car.  So I popped the trunk again and looked around.  Nothing there.  Looked on the ground - knew that I hadn't heard the clink of my keychain - and nothing was there.

So I told Riley what I was doing.  She goes "Oh Mom!  You can't find your keys!  I'm sure you lost them!"  Thanks Riley.  Then "Mom!  They MUST be over there.  I'm sure someone has run them over with their car by now."  Thanks again Riley :)

I moved the bags and didn't see them in the back.  So I took out one bag at a time and started looking inside the bags wondering where they may have gone.  No keys in any of the bags or in the back.  I also checked the cart twice to see if they had been left on there somewhere.  No such luck.

Thankfully Jeremy called.  I asked if he was on his way and told him that I felt like such a dork because I couldn't find the keys!  I knew they were out here somewhere because I had unlocked the car and popped the trunk.  I saw a lady go get a cart from the corral and he told me to check the cart again - to look one more time.  Thankfully the lady did NOT take my cart!

When I turned the cart around, there were my keys.  When I had gotten the Dr. Pepper packs from the bottom of the cart, my keys somehow hooked onto the side of the cart and hung on.  Completely blended in with the cart as it is all metal.  Impossible to see unless you turned it around.  Finding them if someone had taken the cart would have been insanely difficult.  And just so thankful they were still hanging there.

Riley and I cheered!  I told Jeremy I'd see him at home and thanks for his reminder to check again!  Then went to pick up Julia.  After letting her have a buggy ride, we got home at 6pm safe and sound.