Ten Year Anniversary

I'm so fortunate to have spent an entire decade with Jeremy.  He's a great friend, hilarious comedian, awesome dad and best husband in the entire world.  We had a really rough first year of marriage - job changes for both of us, moved, began attending a new church, made new friends and figured out life as a couple after having only known each other for less than a year.  We always say that if we made it through our first year of marriage, we can make it through anything.  It was really that difficult.

Ten years later, we're in a great place.  Our marriage is at a wonderful place and we are fortunate that we both work hard to make our home, our kids and each other important every day.  I can't wait to see what God does in our lives these next ten years!!

Important events over the last decade:

March - Darlene and Mark Jebson have bugged us to write each other by email.  Jeremy finally does and we have 'dates' at the computer asking each other loads of questions by Chat.

Memorial Day weekend:  Jeremy comes to MI for a weekend to meet me.  Asks my parents permission to marry me.

June:  I go to Texas for the first time and meet Jeremy's family.  Jeremy proposes in front of the entire church at Dallas First Assembly!!  I say YES!  While there, I get a teaching job at RISD, an apartment and plan to move down.  I go to Thailand on a mission trip, have two days to pack, drive 18 hours to Texas, unpack and start work three days later!

October:  I have a breakdown and emotionally/physically cannot sustain the stress of all the change and stress of work.  Take a month off of work and cancel our wedding scheduled in November.  I go up to MI to live with my parents just to get rest.  I sleep practically the entire visit.  I return to Dallas and we set a much less stressful wedding plan in Dallas.  Work is still crazy stressful, but I'm able to handle everything after getting rest. 

December 27, 2003:  Married!

Honeymoon:  Chicago, IL

Jeremy stops working at Edward Jones, gets job at Pottery Barn, gets shingles (declares it the reason that he was hired due to Americans with Disabilities Act as it was on his face!), starts working with Cam.

Jessica finishes the year at RISD and is hired at LISD, starts new job in the fall, begins piano students.  

Jeremy works with Cam and meets CJ and Karen. Starts working with CJ and Karen which is where he is now - Capital Ideas Firm.

Jessica wants to go to her college reunion but we are so incredibly poor that getting there would drain our account.  We pray and trust God to provide and to bless us.  That was a pivotal moment in our marriage.  God did some amazing things.

I ran my first half marathon!

I ran another half marathon.  Swear I'll never do it again because of the toll it took on my body.  Though I find that running is one of my most favorite hobbies now.

Jeremy kept working and working and working.  Begins studying for his CFP.  Hours and hours of work!!!  Earns his CFP!!  Wow.  Tremendous blessing.

We move into our new home two weeks before Riley is due.  And see Wicked for the first time five days before having her.

Riley is born in May.

I begin treatment for my foot issues (plantar warts).  One of the worst cases my renowned Dr. has ever seen.  Acid treatments covering the bottom of the feet for months.  Won't go into any more detail.

At 8 1/2 months old, Riley is walking everywhere!!

End of February - I have double foot surgery.  They literally laser off the entire bottoms of my feet in most places.  I can not walk for about two weeks.  My parents or Jeremy are home with Riley and I every minute of the day as I can not help in virtually any way.  Very painful.  Go back to work to sit in a chair all day long and can not drive because I am still on vicodin.  After a while, I am on crutches for a bit.  Finally wear normal shoes and walk like a normal person.  Praise the Lord - they are completely gone to this day!!!

I am Teacher of the Year at my school for 2008-2009!  I am chosen as a LISD finalist - top five finalist. Felt incredible.

Moved into our current house.  Took a risk and it has paid off!  Our home sold in 13 days with multiple offers.  So fast.  

Pregnant with Julia - get herniated blood vessel and told to sit as much as possible.  Get to wear these gorgeous compression stockings every day.  Have to put them on before getting out of bed while still laying down.  That was a sight at 9 months pregnant!!

Kathryn teaches me how to crochet so I'll have something to do while I am sitting.

Julia is born!!  Having two girls is amazing.  My cousin Megan comes for the six weeks that I am back at school to help out.  I swear she was more of the parent those six weeks than I was.  I leaned on her so much.  Biggest blessing ever.  Hormone levels were at an all-time crazy up and down.

Madi, our niece, moves in with us.  Loved having her with us.  Learned so much about parenting - both what to do and what not to do.  

Two kids in daycare.  A whooping $1800 a month.  We struggle financially and trust God to help us make the best decisions possible.  A year of true and tested trust.

I start my own Etsy store:  Weecrochet.

Madi lives with us for a second year.  Monica returned at the end of the year and she moved back with her in January of 2013.

Riley begins Kindergarten.

Riley starts gymnastics.  Has a very natural talent for it and is on the Level Two Competitive Team.  

Julia is at Lakeside Montessori.  Take ballet and tap, but can't wait to do gymnastics in the summer.

Jeremy is working hard at Capital Ideas still and I have now been at LISD at Ethridge for ten years.  Continue to teach piano students.  Teach 16 students this year and have my first piano recital with my pianists!


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