Christmas Eve

Jeremy's parents, Monica and Madi came over for a Christmas Eve dinner and some family time.  The girls had fun playing with Madi.  It was nice to see them together and their relationship is a great one.  Partly because they lived together for a while so a great bond was formed, but also now because they don't see each other often and aren't tired of each other :)

Jeremy cooked a pork with Kent Rathbun barbecue rub.  Wow - delicious!  We had red/yellow potatoes and green beans as well.  Jeremy's mom bakes the best apple pie in the world so we had a delicious dessert after the meal as well.

It was a really relaxing and nice night.  The girls opened presents.  Riley was given a gymnastic hoodie.  So cute!  Julia was given a pink sweatpant outfit with a hoodie.  She hasn't taken it off since.  She asked us if she could wear it to bed and we told her she could.  When she woke up, she told us "I'm never taking this off!  I will wear it to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  It is a night outfit and a day one."

The girls were both given $5 which was great too.  Riley has wanted a remote control puppy and only needed $5 so it was a nice gift!!  Julia will also enjoy it when she realizes she can purchase something she likes with her own money.

We watched a hilarious youtube video:

We were all laughing out loud and enjoyed the good laugh!  It was just a really nice family night at home.


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