Saturday, August 31, 2013


Kindergartner said to me while we are playing a name game:  "You look like a vampire.  Well, at least to me you do."

Later when we get home, Julia says "I don't like those shoes!  They not nice.  I don't like them."

Felt like a million bucks my second day of school.

Bathing Suit Shopping

End of Summer Season means great deals on bathing suits!  We found several for Jeremy and my dad at Dillards for only $7-10 each!  A steal compared to the original prices that were around $50 - 70.  I walked the girls around while he tried them on and then while he checked out, we went downstairs to the women's department to look at suits.

Julia pointed to one of the bikinis and loudly announced "Look!  This one has boobies!"  Jeremy was around the corner and immediately knew where we were.

I had three bikinis picked out to try on and we ALL headed into the changing room.  Why we didn't think to have Jeremy push them around - I'm not sure.  It was later at night (7:30) and getting close to their bedtimes.  And we just didn't think it through.  So we went into one of the large changing rooms.

The girls were incredibly loud and excited.  I started to change and Julia announced to all "I see your boobs, Mom!"  Great.  Then I put on the top and Riley announced that she loved it.
I then put on the bottoms and Riley thought I should definitely buy it.  I wasn't as big a fan so I changed into the next one.

The next suit was bright blue with a bright pink bow.  It had some ruching on the sides and was a tankini.  Not great on the hanger, but sometimes bathing suits look awful on hangers and great on so I thought I'd try it.  I put on the top and it was huge.  So I tightened the strap in the back.  Then put on the bottoms that had a skirt attached to the bikini bottom.  Ummm... wow.  Not a fan.

Jeremy whispered "It looks trashy" in hopes that he and I were the only ones to hear what he said.  And seriously, he said it so softly.  Riley was quite offended by the comment and remarked as though she was having to yell above a loud rock band "DAD!  IT DOES NOT LOOK TRASHY!"

Next thing we know we are listening to the lady in the next stall bursting with laughter and giggling so hard.  Could tell she was trying to hold back, but couldn't stop laughing.

We were both like "Shh... girls.  Too loud!"

I tried on the next bikini and Riley said I shouldn't get them because she could see my butt crack.  Wow.  Feeling the love tonight.

As we got ready to leave the dressing room, Julia pointed out her 'sticker' on her shirt.  At one point, I had seen the hygiene protector stuck to my shoe, folded it in half and stuck it back on the floor for lack of what to do with it.  She had apparently unfolded it and stuck it to the front of her shirt and was very proud of the large sticker.  Of course I took it off and told her to please not pick things off the floor and put them on her shirt.

We exited the room and were met by a family.  They were waiting for us outside the dressing rooms and the Grandma came forward and said (while still laughing) "I just had to see which one it was that called you trashy!"

The dad recognized us because while in the mall, Riley had wanted to push Julia and was having trouble steering the stroller.  To her defense, it is the one that fell in the lake and isn't in great shape and is truly hard to steer.  But she managed to almost run them over (as the dad was quick to say).  The grandma was kind and thought we were hilarious.  I was mortified and laughing nervously at the same time.

As we walked away, I turned to Jeremy and said "Oh my word.  I feel like such a terrible parent."  To which Riley replied (loudly again) "MOM!  You are NOT a terrible parent!"  The lady at the shoe department smiled huge and I just smiled back.

Ahhhh this will be a sweet memory one day!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

School Supply Drop Off

Last night was Riley's First Grade School Supply Drop Off.  She was SO excited!  She's counting down the days until school starts.  Should be a fantastic year for her.

Her teacher is Mrs. Townzen and the theme for the room is puppies and blue.  The chairs are blue, boxes are blue, boards are blue.  Riley is in heaven.  And then there are the puppies.  Puppy name tags with their names and lots of awesome things.

Riley put all her supplies away and got everything she needed ready.  It was really cute to see all of her friends and to watch them together.

Riley wanted to look her best and asked me to flat iron her hair so I did.  She looked so gorgeous.  And so much older!  Then she wore one of her new outfits - a peach dress with sparkles.  Too cute.

It's going to be a great first grade year!

Here are some pictures of her first day of First Grade:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

2nd Annual First Day of School Outfit Shopping

My parents and I took the girls for their annual shopping trip.  They were up for about anything and Riley had one goal the whole day:  find a necklace!  Don't know that she really cared much about finding clothes.  Though she was extremely excited about the clothes she got.  She was so focused on finding lots of accessories, but the whole point of the trip was to get an outfit for the first day.

We looked at Macy's, Gap Kids, Justice, and Gymboree.  We were about to head to Dillard's when we saw the store Naartjie.  It is a South African store that was started in Cape Town.  I absolutely love their clothing, but haven't ever bought anything there as it is always more expensive.  Not quite the range of Gymboree costs, but more than what I like to spend.

They had awesome sales today and we found several items for the girls.  I got one outfit for each girl and my parents got two outfits for Riley and one for Julia.  Very adorable and unique.

Riley then found matching necklaces for herself and Julia at Claire's.  They are hearts that open.  She came home and wrote out little paper hearts that she taped inside of the necklace hearts.  On Julia's she wrote the name "Riley" so that Julia could always have a part of her with her during the day when they are apart.  On her own heart, she wrote Julia's name so that she'd have a piece of Julia with her.  It was very sweet.

A great afternoon and we're all ready to start school in seven days!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ashleigh and Mea's Party

Today the girls went to their friends' party (the girls are sisters and share the same month for their birthday so they do a party together with friends).  The girls had a lot of fun playing on the trampoline and hanging out with girls.  Though I think their favorite part was playing with the two big dogs that were at the house - Romo and Kit.  Julia was all smiles as she pet the dogs, got licked by them and played with their tails.

At one point, there were several girls jumping on the massive trampoline in the back yard.  One of the younger girls (Hannah) started telling a girl that she didn't do it - whatever it is.  The other big girls were yelling out "Yes you did!!"  and Hannah kept insisting that she didn't do it and was getting sad.  Riley yelled really loud "She didn't do it! Stop blaming her!"  The girls said "Hannah, you did it!" again and Riley yelled really loud again "You need to believe her!  If she said she didn't do it, she didn't do it!!"  Another girl stood up for Hannah and said "Yeah guys.  You need to listen to Riley."  Mind you - Riley was talking to girls in middle school and third graders.  However, they girls backed off and stopped yelling at her.  They all got back to playing and all was good.  Hannah looked very thankful.

We talked to Riley and thanked her for standing up for her friend to the big kids when she knew her friend was right.  That she made it so Hannah wasn't alone and that she wasn't ganged up on.  Riley was really proud as were we.  Such a great girl!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Day of Summer

My final day of summer 2013.  Bittersweet.  Ready to start the year but will miss being home with my girls sooo much!!!!  It has been the best summer we've had in years and we've had so much fun together.  I will miss it!

Riley and I dropped Julia off this morning before heading out to Ethridge to get more work done.  I always forget how much there is to do before school starts.  Thankfully I've gone in four days now and my walls are getting closer to being finished.  This will leave more room and time for planning on Friday next week after all the long, boring... ahem - I mean lengthy and invigorating meetings on our faculty handbook, student handbook and my personal favorite - bloodborne pathogens.  Woo hoo!  Same information every year that is read verbatim from a powerpoint while we have copies of that powerpoint in our hands.  Wow.  Truly inspiring... ahem.

After we spent a few hours at Ethridge, I told Riley that it was her special day as it was just the two of us and I asked her what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to the mall and ride the carousel.  I took her on the carousel and asked if she'd like to have lunch there.  She got to choose her lunch.  She chose a massively large blueberry muffin that she claimed is the best thing she has ever eaten.  Ever!  She also had a container of fruit and chips that she didn't even open but that's fine.  We'll eat them at some point.

She wanted a friend and ice cream so I told her we could do one or the other.  She passed Dippin' dots and immediately knew she wanted them.  We sat for a while on a bench and ate them.  Then walked a little more.

Stopped at The Legends Basketball office and picked up four free Hawaiian Falls tickets!  All because we support them and sing at their game.  Can't wait to go as a family and enjoy time out there again!

Stopped at Target to get three packages of tissue paper so I could finish my poofy poms for my room.  Then went to the dentist for her checkup.  I had written down that her appointment was at 1:30, but it was at 1:00.  They called while we were at Target and we zoomed over there.  Were 15 minutes late so we didn't have to reschedule!  Phew!  Riley was adamant that she knew we were late and that I so did not have the right time and that I should have listened to her and that she just couldn't wait to see the dentist!!!  She's been asking to go there for weeks.

She went in to get her teeth cleaned.  Dentist said everything is looking great and that her molars on the bottom are still working their way out.  She had one small cavity on a baby tooth that she will have until she is 12 so she will get it filled.  Otherwise no problems at all!

She left the dentist office saying "I love this day!  This was the greatest day!  I love the dentist!!"  SO happy she loves it.

The only other thing she wanted to do all day was watch 101 Dalmations - the more modern one with Glenn Close and real people; not animated.  We tried watching it but it's darker than the cartoon and Julia was scared so we had to stop it.  She was upset that she couldn't watch her scary movie and today was very happy to have time to see it.

As soon as we got home, we put the movie on and snuggled on the couch.  Though I did tell her I was really tired.  (Julia had woken me up at 4:30am and said "Mom, I have to tell you one question.  My room is very cold."  Sure enough - she had no covers on and the temp was reading 72... brrrr.)  Riley said "Why are moms always so tired?"  I told her that it was because I was woken up so early in the morning.  Real reason is probably because moms never stop and when they do, they sleep.  :)  So I took a cat nap while laying next to her.  She finished the movie and loved it.

We picked up Jules and came home.  They both wanted to go to the park as it was so beautiful outside today - only 90 degrees!!!  Riley told me she was so cold in the car this morning with our windows down and it being 76 outside.

Riley started riding her scooter while I pushed Jules in the stroller, but she fell close to home and skinned her knee and thumb.  We went back to the house, put neosporin on it and covered them with bandaids.  Then I got her bike out and she rode that instead.

We had a blast at the park for about 45 minutes before heading home for showers, dinner, tv, facetime with grandparents and a little work for me online.  It's been a great day.  I truly loved having one on one time with Riley and having so much time to spoil her.  What a precious girl she is!

Julia's First Day of Preschool

Julia was less than excited about starting school today.  She kept saying "I no like school.  I no want to go to school!"  She cried a little, but mostly was very verbal about really not wanting to go.  I hugged her and told her that I understood.  Then consoled her and let her know that the girl who frustrated and tortured her all last year with biting, hitting and pinching was not in her class this year.  She was very happy about that! Though she did end up playing with her when they merged classes in the afternoon, but Julia was very excited that they both got along so well.  We prayed tonight that it would continue!

It was hard to drop her off.  Her teacher from last year has moved on to another daycare and so she does not have an official teacher yet.  She has a sub for now.  Praying that her new teacher is as wonderful as her former one!

When I dropped her off, she cried a little bit and the teacher had to take her hand and then she was ok.

Around 4pm I picked her up after Riley's dentist appointment.  Julia was coloring with friends.  There was tons of chaos in the room, but Julia was doing things quietly and happily.  When I walked in, she said "Hi Mom!  Can I finish this picture for you?"  I let her finish and she was so proud to give me a fully colored piece of paper.  I absolutely loved it and it melted my heart for sure.

She was very happy and when I told her that she has school tomorrow, she yelled out "Yeah!!!!  I play with my friends!!"

She asked if we could pray for her friend "Deegis" (Rodriguez) because she was sick and throwing up.  Tonight again she remembered so we prayed for her.  Love her heart for her friends!  She'll be as caring as Riley I think.

Tomorrow we wake up even earlier as I have to be at LHS.  Long day tomorrow... praying that Julia's day is a really good one!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hawaiian Falls

Today Sky High Gymnastics had their party at Hawaiian Falls.  The girls couldn't wait to go! Riley woke up at 9:15 and we headed out the door at 9:30 to go to my parents house to get goggles and suits before heading out.

I found a deal online where if you bring a can of coke for each child and purchase a full price adult ticket, you get $10 off each child ticket.  Total saved: $20!  And it helped a lot so admission was only $50.

The weather today was a high of 106 with heat index of 115.  It was dry heat but it was oh so incredibly hot!!  Hot enough on the pavement that I can feel some burns on the bottom of my feet from walking on the hot pavement between the slides and things.

We walked to the pavilion saved for us and then headed straight to the wave pool.  Girls loved being on the tubes during the waves and jumping them when they weren't.  They laughed and smiled so much.  Spent so much time at the wave pool and the lazy river.  Julia loved wearing a life jacket and being able to float by herself.  Riley is tall enough to stand up in it and did her own thing.  Loved it.

Their least favorite place to be was at the play area with the kids.  Riley went down a few slides, but didn't want to do the bigger ones that she could do.  Wasn't in the mood and seemed a bit scared of them.  Happened last year, but as soon as she did one, she was hooked.  This year she just didn't want to do them so I didn't push her.

We met up with lots of different friends during the day.  Spent much of the day with Mea and Ashleigh, Peyton, Leeah and other gymnastic friends.

Sunscreen was applied six times while we were there.  Julia was getting so tired and Mea's mom offered to let Riley stay with them to play so I could take Julia home to take a nap.  Very kind of her!  As soon as we got in the car, Julia fell asleep and it's a short ride (like a minute - literally- to get home from the park).  I changed her into a dress and out of her swimsuit so she could lay on the couch.  She was like a ragdoll and never woke up.

Riley ended up staying until the park closed at 5:30.  Came right when it opened and saw it through the entire day.  Even with lots of applications of sunblock, she is quite rosy.  The darkest coloring in her skin I've ever seen.  Julia has no sunburn and just got a little color on her shoulders.  Thankful that we could be in all that heat and get as little redness as we did!

When Julia woke up from her nap, the first thing she said was "Mom, can we go back to the water park?"  It was a truly fun day!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Clean Bathroom

Julia has gotten into the habit of shutting the door and locking it when she is inside by herself.  I am always close by and the key to open the door is right on top.  I ask often "You okay in there Jules?"  She always replies "Don't worry, Mom.  I'm okay!"

Today was in there longer than usual.  I knew she was 'working hard' and didn't want to disturb her.  Asked the usual question and got the usual reply.

Then after several minutes went by, I heard the faucet running.  Figured she was washing her hands.  The water kept running and running.  I asked her what she was doing.  She replied "I'm washing the toilet seat, Mom."  Not sure why I thought "well, ok then!" and then walked away again.

I waited another minute or so and still heard the water going.  Asked her if she was okay and she said "Yes.  But don't come in."  At that point, I took the key off the top of the door and opened the door while telling her "Jules, I just want to check on you."

The faucet was on full blast.  She had the Bath and Body Works soap container and the towel in her hand.  She had the lid to the toilet closed and was pumping soap all over it.  Everywhere.  It smelled beautiful.  The scent is "Full Bloom."  Still smells beautiful hours later.

The floor was wet.  She was happily scrubbing and very proud of how clean it was.  The only thing she did say was that some of the bubbles were in the toilet and she asked if that was fine.  I told her it was, turned off the water, took the soap and explained it is only for hands and thanked her for cleaning.  She said "You're welcome" and left the room.  Thank you, Julia, for such a clean and fabulous bathroom!

Sticker Chart

Julia has made it two entire nights in a row without getting out of bed to wake either of us up!  That is a huge miracle!!

I read online about some different techniques parents use to help their preschooler stay in their room.  One parent got their child a stuffed animal to sleep with.  One parent had a chart and the child was able to put a sticker on the days that they stayed in their bed all night.  Knowing how much Julia loves stickers and how much cheaper that was than a stuffed animal, we thought we'd start with that one.  And she has been so excited about it!

Last night Riley had a terrible thinking (that's what she calls it whenever she thinks about terrible things).  She said it was about a witch.  And that she doesn't want Halloween to come.  She got out of bed twice and woke Jeremy up.  The third time she went into Julia's room thinking I was in there.  Instead she woke Julia up and she was crying loudly.

Jeremy went in to help Julia and I went into Riley's room to help Riley.  Julia calmed down and went to sleep pretty easy and stayed in her room - great job Jules!  Riley was very out of it and scared so I stayed in her room the rest of the night.  It took her a while to get back to sleep, but once she did, she slept past 9am!

Jeremy was laughing when he told me that Julia woke up in the morning and without looking for either of us, she found a step stool downstairs, moved it to the kitchen counter and got her stickers.  Then stuck it on a day on the calendar before going upstairs proudly to tell Jeremy what she had done.  He said she had the cutest look on her face and couldn't have been more proud!


Today started the Cartwheel-a-thon at Sky High Gymnastics.  The students on pre-team and team were given a sheet to fill out telling how many cartwheels they did during the week at the gym.  They got pledges from family and friends beforehand.  Then their coach signs off on it.  The money raised will help the gym purchase new equipment.

At first I wasn't going to do anything with the information, but then saw that a friend on Facebook wrote a short blurb about it and said if anyone wanted to donate they could let her know.  So I copied her (Thanks Erin!) and did the same thing.  Though I didn't expect anything.

Two of the teachers at school donated money as well as my parents and ourselves.  To the tune of $140!  So go Riley!

We had the easy part!!  Riley had the hard part.  We found out at her lesson tonight that there is no class on Wednesday and that instead they are doing a party at Hawaiian Falls.  Riley is super excited about that as is Julia!  Ok and so am I!

However, that meant that she needed to do all 100 cartwheels if she could.  Her friend Mea is usually at class with her on Mondays and it is just the two of them with an instructor.  Mea was in Mississippi this week so it was just Riley and the coach!  A private lesson!

Riley was worked so hard.  Her coach commented on what a hard worker she was and that she didn't complain once and was excited to do anything asked of her.  She couldn't believe that she never asked for a break and only ever asked what they got to do next or to ask if she could get some water.

Her normal coach was out sick today so she had a substitute instructor who really clicked with Riley (as her normal coach does as well!).  She had a great way to help her on her cartwheels and it was impressive to see Riley do these beautiful cartwheels!  She did 50 at the beginning of the two hour workout.

At the end, Julia and I came back after going home for a few hours.  The instructor was trying to get her to finish more cartwheels, but Riley was tired.  She only had 30 to go.  Only 30.  Ha!

So I tried to think of something that might help her make it.  She was still smiling and looking happy and was running and bouncing so I knew she had energy to do it.  I told her that we'd do something special if she could do it.  She started to do her nervous giggle and then immediately turned around and put it into gear.

After every ten cartwheels, she got a drink.  She was exhausted (as was I just watching her) and thoroughly excited to have done it!!  I let her pick her special treat and told her she could ask for a few things and then we could find one that would work.  The only thing she really really wanted was a McDonald's Happy Meal so she could get a toy and enjoy a hamburger.

I was thrilled to reward her for only $3.46 and to be able to get her a good dinner after she had worked so hard.  She was incredibly happy and beaming and jumping up and down!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tying Shoes

Yesterday Riley got new shoes including a new pair with laces.  Her first pair with laces.  I'd talked to her about how it would be a good idea for us to start showing her how to tie shoes.  She took it to heart and really wanted a pair with laces.  Figured it'd take a little while for her to learn how to tie them.

She was determined to figure it out.  Sat on the floor at my parents house and tried over and over to get it herself.  Spent some time (about 15 minutes or so) figuring it out and then we went home.  She then tried it at our house.  And had it.

In a matter of an hour (at the most), Riley figured out how to tie her shoes and has it down.  This morning she put them on to wear them at church and was able to tie both shoes with no issues.  Completely by herself.  Go Riley!


Julia saw a picture on a board of Despicable Me 2.  It had a minion on it who was walking away so you saw his back side.

Julia says "Awwwww!  That little onion is so cute!"

Saturday, August 3, 2013

School Shopping

We are officially done with all the necessary school shopping.  Supplies, shoes, clothes, hair accessories - check!  School pencils, markers, notebooks, etc... - check!

Got their backpacks at Pottery Barn as well as their lunch box and they are in such great shape that they'll both use them again this year.  Woo hoo!

Gone Fishing

Riley spent the night at my parents house last night.  She always loves going over there!  She had lots of plans for what they were going to do - brought books, two dolls, two horses, a wheelchair and crutches.  Turns out she had even bigger plans too.

Today she really wanted to go fishing so they went to the store and bought a fishing pole.  Then Grandpa and Riley practiced by putting it out into the pool and then reeling it back in. After a bit with that, they went down to the lake.

Riley was holding the pole when she felt a tug and started to pull it in a little.  She told them that she had caught a fish, but they didn't believe her.  My dad took it from her and sure enough!  She had caught her first fish - a 12 inch bass!!!  She was so excited.  They said she was clapping, laughing and so incredibly excited.

She wanted to touch it but didn't want to touch it.  She then had the chance to catch a second fish.  This one was a few inches smaller and was an 8 inch bass.  Of course they put both fish back into the lake.

Riley was very excited to have such a great experience catching fish!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Julia's First Movie Theater Experience

Yesterday afternoon Jeremy came up with something fun for all of us to do.  Due in part to one of his coworkers telling him that we never do fun things with our kids.  In comparison to their income and ours and their crazy awesome vacations that cost thousands, I would agree to that.  Though I do think we do fun things for our family and will happily do those other expensive things if (or when) we are billionaires later in life.  :)

I digress...  so Jeremy thought up a totally awesome thing for the four of us to do:  going out to a movie!  We never go out to movies.  They are $12.50 for an adult and $10 for kids so that's a lot of money to see something we could all watch snuggled up in the comfort of our home in a few months.  But we have tons of gift cards from his work and mine so we put them to good use.  As well as an online coupon for a free adult ticket that was earned from buying four frozen pizzas that we would have bought anyway.

I digress.  Again.  Both girls had seen Despicable Me and loved it.  We went to the theater and watched Despicable Me 2.  Julia didn't take an early nap so we knew she'd be tired.  We got our seats and enjoyed the movie with the other ten people that were in the theater.  Small crowd.

We had about ten minutes before the movie started and Julia kept saying "When Ahspicable Me coming?"  When the lights got dark, she yelled out "TOO DARK!"  Then when the screen got brighter, she said "Thank you!"  When the sound got loud, she yelled out "TOO LOUD!" and covered her ears.  But it got soft again so she said "Thank you."

She giggled throughout the beginning of the movie.  Loudly and so incredibly adorable.  All very appropriate.  She started to wiggle and put her head on my lap.  The armrest between her and I raised up so that it was flush with our seats which let her lie down.  She ended up falling asleep more than halfway into the movie.  She was snoring slightly but not loudly.  Was hot as could be and very sweet.

Riley loved the movie as did all the rest of us.  At the end, Julia woke up and rested in my lap with her head on my shoulder.  She was sweet as could be and loved it.


Julia has started to pray at night.  She goes under her covers so that no one can hear and then tells me that she is going to tell Jesus a story.  Last night she said:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Riley, Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Jon, Aunt Allison, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Jim.

Then she went on to tell a story with much inflection though I couldn't totally understand what she was saying.  She ended with "I love you.  The END!!!"

She always pops out from under her covers and says "Best Friends!" and gives me a huge hug.

Tonight I read her books and she pointed out that Sister Bear had Lizzie Bruin for a best friend.  Then told me "You are my best friend Mommy!"  I sure hope she feels this way as she gets older!  I definitely love being her best friend and her Mom too.

Common Phrases

I am always messing up phrases.  Case in point, I did it just yesterday.  Jeremy had the day off because I had to go into work to exchange my really crappy PC for a 15 inch MacBook Pro and an iPad 4.  Definitely not complaining and super super excited about the change!!!  Awesome equipment to teach with and I haven't even done it yet!  The two hour course was helpful and I can't wait to use it all.

When I got home, Julia kept annoying Riley because she was copying everything she was doing.  I thought I'd encourage Riley by telling her that Julia was really just showing how cool Riley was.  So I said:

Riley, did you know that copying is the highest form of imitation!!

Jeremy looked baffled and said "Um, Jess, don't you mean that the imitation is the highest form of flattery?"

Then I realized that I'd messed that one up too.  But I do think that it makes sense... sort of!  Ha!

Another moment this has happened is when I told a coworker that I wanted to "pick their ear" about something.  Got a really funny look.  Then told Jeremy about it and he laughed so hard and said "You confused two sayings.  It's either "pick your brain" or "bend their ear."

Guess I'm talented at this... what can I say?!  I keep Jeremy laughing that's for sure!

Big Girl

Since being back from RI, I've been determined to help Julia become a big girl at night and to stop sleeping on her trundle bed at night.  It's been a good seven months at least since sleeping in her room just so that I could actually get to sleep.  She kept waking up throughout the night, crying when we put her to bed and not getting sleep.  And I wasn't getting sleep either.  So I started sleeping with her.

Though she would always climb down next to me and I'd have as many inches as my body could contort to when laying sideways with a preschooler's arms in my head and legs tucked under mine.  She always loves her head near mine.  Would check all the time to make sure I'm there.  Hard to believe I got better sleep this way, but I truly did.

It was more important to me to get solid sleep than to be woken up every few hours so we just managed.  But I am more than ready to get back to sleeping in our bed and to having a bit of time to myself after they go down - if even for 20 minutes!

It has been about a week and a half since changing habits.  Julia goes to sleep in her room, I leave her room and go to sleep in our bed.  She has started her old habit of getting up every 2-3 hours throughout the night (usually 3-4 times), waking me up, going potty one of them just in case and putting her quickly back to her bed and leaving to sleep for a short period again.  The nice thing is that she isn't crying and she goes back to sleep very quickly.  Obvious that she's just waking up at sleep cycle times and isn't going back to sleep on her own.  So we're now training for that.

Riley was so incredibly easy with this!  Never would get out of her bed at night; was difficult to put down for naps and bed (always came out to tell us that she had a long nap even though she hadn't slept at all!), but nighttime was a solid night of sleep.  Boy were we spoiled!!

School starts in two weeks with inservice beginning on a Friday.  Praying that we can make some headway in the next two weeks and possibly get parts of our nights back to ourselves!