Mean Mommy

"I'm a mean mommy.  Yes I am..."  Been told this a lot lately.  At least I'm saying no and setting limits which is the result of being called this not-so-lovely name.  I realize that if boundaries are being set, they're not going to like it, but they will respect me for it later.

Today Julia told me very firmly that I was a mean Mommy because I wouldn't let her eat more chocolate.

Julia:  Mean Mommy!  You better watch out.  (right finger points into the air) Buddy is watching if you are naughty or nice.  (Buddy is our elf.  Jeremy has started telling them this.  Obviously they've picked up on it)

Me:  Which one do you think I am - naughty or nice?

Julia:  You are naughty Mommy!

Riley:  No Jules.  Mommy is nice.  She is nice.  Daddy is nice.  We are all nice!


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