Don't read Jen Hatmaker's Book "7" unless you seriously want to be in deep thought about so many areas of your life.  Loved every bit of the book and laughed out loud several times.  Beginning to think of goals for next year as this month comes to an end in a few weeks.  

The book tugged at my heart in many ways.  When I look at how blessed we are, how much we've been given and our choices with all of it, I am often truly satisfied with what we do.  But I'm really feeling as though there is more we can do.  

Maybe it is also because we're doing the Kindness Advent and it has been the greatest distraction from the pull of commercialism during the Christmas season.  We've only purchased one present for each girl so far.  Last year we were finished by now - except I forgot that I'd bought presents and put them in bins in our closet and thought we hadn't gotten much so we kept buying.  Never to the point of going in debt, but definitely more than we had planned to get.

Instead this year has had so much focus on family time, others and Jesus that Jeremy and I haven't put together what we'll be getting the girls.  This is a good thing!  They haven't been asking for anything either!  They never have begged for anything, but they also have no need of anything.

Looking forward to what it is to come as we continue this month in our Kindness Advent.  And I'm thinking I may just reread the book "7."  It was truly that good.


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