Advent Week 3

Can't believe we're already to week three!  Here is how our week went (or is going):

15 - Watch the Colony Firehouse Light Show
Last night we piled into my parents' car and drove to watch the light show.  The girls loved it!  Riley wanted to take notes about it and was really taken by it.  Julia kept climbing all over the place.  It was a fifteen minute show that repeats.  We were able to see several songs twice and had a great parking space to see it all.  There were over 130,000 lights used in the show.

16 - Give canned goods to the local food pantry
Bought the canned goods!  Brought them to school to donate and realized our donation time was over.  Couldn't be used.  Took them to Metro Relief (two days later) and they aren't accepting donations.  Soo... still have the canned goods.  Planning to give it away somewhere that I can find open!

17 - Piano Recital
Girls were so cute!  They both did a great job.

18 - Leave a thank you note for our mailman
Totally forgot this one due to crazy schedule and fighting girls (Still planning to get it done soon!)

19 - Attend Julia's holiday program
It was a Texas - themed event and Julia was adorable in her pink cowgirl boots, jean skirt, white tights, red shirt and cowgirl hat.  Couldn't get her to wear her bandana.  She knew EVERY word to the three songs she performed:

Merry Texas Christmas, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Little Bitty by Alan Jackson

20 - Family Christmas Dinner Out and hand out Carousel Ride Coins
Couldn't have come at a better time!  With all of the events this week at work/school/gymnastics/life, the girls didn't get to bed until at least 10pm every night, fought most days from being overtired and driven hard to be here and there.  It was a 'take one day at a time or even one hour/minute at a time' week.  All week long.

I got to bring the girls to Stonebriar Mall and each girl was able to hand out three carousel coins to families/kids that didn't have one.  We asked if they would like a free ride.  People looked surprised and were like "Sure!"  My parents met us there.  Gave the girls a ride afterward.  They were especially excited to hand them out!

Then we all ate at Cheesecake Factory where Jeremy met us.  Good food, fun times!

21 - Put all the newspapers on our neighbors porches on our street
Perfect day to do this!  VERY rainy and thundering.  Very wet.  And also easy to do!  Julia and I went out on Sunday morning instead of on Saturday.  All the papers were wet and most were still outside.  I carried her around as it was too cold and Riley was still sleeping.  We accomplished it before getting ready for church.


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