Interview with Grandpa Mo

Riley had an assignment for school so we chose to interview Grandpa Mo.  Here it is:

11.     How did you celebrate Christmas when you were my age?
When I was your age?  What age was that?  21?  Are you 21?  Oh 6 ½.  I didn’t play with dolls.  They would get me presents.  Ooooh like soldiers and Lincoln logs.  A sled.  Presents like that.  And it would be 4-5 inches of snow outside so that we could use the sled outside.  And we would have some people over – mostly family – and have a dinner.  And we had ice cream and pies.  And all kind of good stuff to eat.

Nobody bought me an iron.  Or a sewing machine.

22.     What special things did you do?
     We had a tree.  We decorated the tree.  Took a while!  Decorate it very good.  And uh… made, well, put a lot of decorations around the apartment we lived in.  So you know, we, being in an apartment was not big like a house.  We had a good time doing it.

33.     What foods did you eat?
Usually we ate a ham or turkey.  Something like that.  With all the fixin’s.  Mince pie.  Ooohhh… some Scottish thing.  Forgot the name of it.  But it was good too.  Most of it was American.  My mother and father were Scottish.  They came right from Scotland on a boat and they, you know, they made a lot of Scottish dishes.  We ate good.  We had a good time.

44.     What was your favorite part of the holiday?
Christmas morning!  Oh that was fun!  I mean you get up and the tree is lit up and the presents are around the tree.  And playing with the toys that I got.  It was great.  It was a lot of fun!


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