Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year's Resolutions

My ten goals for this year:

1.  Make it a priority to spend 20 minutes in prayer by myself one night a week.

2.  Go on one date night each month with Jeremy.

3.  Go on a vacation to Bermuda for seven days!  (cheating a little...)

4.  Learn another new skill...  no idea what this will be, but looking forward to whatever it is!

5.  Workout three days a week if even for just ten minutes to increase my energy.

6.  Run a 5K race.

7.  Find at least two positive things about my day before talking about anything negative that happened.

8.  Pay off our loan from our a/c unit, duct work, and new fence.

9.  Join or lead a women's bible study at church.

10.  Spend less time cleaning and more time playing!

2011 Resolutions....

So here were my goals for this past year.  Just evaluating how it went.... and adding some of these to my new list for next year.

1 -  Pray more.  Not just small prayers or nightly prayers with Jeremy or the girls or at mealtimes.  But more alone time with God just seeking His will for my life and thanking Him for who He is and all He has and will do.  
**Found it difficult to do this one.  Will have to find more time this year and make it more of a priority on my own.  Easy with family or just Jeremy - hard to find true alone time.

2 - Take at least one vacation.  This one is cheating a little as I already know we'll go somewhere as we have two free plane tickets, BUT it means actually using them.  

**Guess it wasn't cheating.  No vacation this year.  BUT we did purchase tickets to go on a cruise in June 2012.  So it's a step in the right direction!

3 - Be more wise with what we have.  Use our money more wisely.  Use my time more efficiently.  Use my recreation time as recreation - not extra work time.

**Wisdom we were given.  Still not sure how we made everything work out.  And the answer is that we did our best, but God is to be praised for getting us through and getting us through well.
4 -  Try one new recipe a month.

**This would mean that I actually cook a lot.  Happened one time this year.
5 -  Dive in.  (something I desire to do - unable to be shared at the moment)

**Referred to taking Madi in and prayed that it would happen.  So glad she is here and amazed at how it's gone.  So it's actually the first "goal" that was reached.
6 - Build back up to running 3 miles.  I sooo very much miss running as it used to be something I loved to do in my spare time.  Gave me more energy and I just felt good.  Ran great after having Riley, but have not yet found time with two kids to squeeze it all in.  Hoping to do it by the end of next year as I'll have to start at ground zero (ugh!!). 

**Does running three times this year count for anything?  Totally did NOT reach this goal.  Couldn't even find time to go to the bathroom without interruption from kids let alone actually going outside on my own for thirty minutes - ha!
7 -  Choose at least one day a week to not check Facebook.  This is totally ridiculous to put on here, but needs to be done.  

**Pathetically achieved.  Meaning, didn't do it.  I'm a sucker for looking at what everyone else is up to.  Will need to work on this.
8 - Go on a date night with Jeremy once a month.  Again - with two kids, we hardly went out and spent time together.  Definitely a priority that needs to be made. 

** YES!!!!  We went out at least one night a month.  Sometimes we hadn't gone out all month and were able to go out the last day of the month, but we did it!  Will definitely work to do this again.  Truly made a difference in our relationship.
9 -  Develop WeeCrochet even more.  WeeCrochet is a business that my sis-in-law, mother-in-law and I do.  We make custom items such as cowls, hats, baby sets, dishcloths, etc...  great way for us to hang out together and fun to do too!!

**Woo hoo!  Started my Etsy store this year.  Wrote two of my own patterns to be sold soon on Etsy.  Developed it more and bought mannequins and more tables, etc...  
10 - Learn a new skill.  Not sure what that will be yet.  Last year it was crocheting.  In previous years, it was learning guitar.  Always fun to see what new skill will be added.  Maybe speaking in Italian for our trip to Italy - right, Jeremy?  I hear Italy calling our name.... 

**Learned how to knit!!  Loving it!

So all in all, I achieved five of my goals.  Two of them which were very large goals that couldn't have happened without God.  Desperately failed in my attempt to cook and take time away from Facebook.  And somewhat started the other three, but didn't succeed in the way I hoped.  All in all, very happy with what was achieved and looking forward to setting new goals for this year!!!

2011 Recap

We received several cards this year where people gave recaps of what happened in their lives this year.  So here's my attempt:

January - Don't remember... oh - big snow storm and got to stay inside our home due to all the ice for four days.  No school.  Totally awesome way to start the year!

February - Did February happen?  Don't remember anything about it.

March - Julia's first birthday, Jeremy got even older (36).

April - Assuming it rained?!  Why can I not remember anything???

May - Riley's fourth birthday!  Celebrated with friends and family at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  Madi and Monica came from the Philippines to get her settled at our house.

June - Monica went back to the Philippines and Madi began her stay with us.  Started her blog:  Probably have more info on that site than I do on this one as to what we did this year.

July:  VBS, Camp, staying home with the girls.  Hottest summer!!!!!

August:  Julia and Riley start their first year at Lakeside Montessori Academy.  Just awesome!  Madi starts fourth grade at Ethridge.  I start my eleventh year of teaching.  Jeremy just keeps working and working and working.

September:  I go on happy pills and the world is a much better place to live in.  At least, for me.  Though I'm sure others are just as thankful for the difference it has made.

October:  Halloween fun with Cleopatra, Alice in Wonderland and a Cowgirl that can really rock pink boots.

November:  Thanksgiving, tons of programs, and still fairly warm weather.

December:  An amazing Christmas, choir sings at the Texas Legends Game, Willow Bend Mall, Colony Community Center;  record the all-school recording;  Julia seems to grow by leaps and bounds in her talking.  Especially the words/phrases "no" - "I don't know" - "I don't want it" - "I want Eggos!"  "I want cereal!"  "Pease (please)"  "Book!  Book!"  "Bahpah!  Bahpah! (Grandpa)"

Friday, December 23, 2011


Favorite word at the moment:  No!

When asked any question relating to "Where is the ____" or "Where is ____,"  the answer is always "I no no!" (I don't know)  So cute when we're reading a book and we ask "Where is the moon?" and she looks at it and still says "I no no!"

Trying very hard to imitate everything we say.  Loves to say "I wah" (I walk) and "I ruh" (I run).  Does not like to be carried anywhere.

When I drop her off at preschool, she loves to run in the front door, run around to the office door and smile and wave hi to the receptionist before running ahead to class.  They call her the life of the party.  And she is incredibly social.  So cute!


Riley: (while on the potty)  Princesses don't go potty.
Me:  Then what do they do?
Riley:  They probably poop in the snow outside.  They don't have potties in their castles.
Me:  I'm pretty sure they probably have potties so they can go.
Riley:  No they don't.  I know that.  I've seen more movies than you have and the princesses never go potty.  And they never show the bathrooms in the movies.  So they don't have them inside their castles.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Dogs (as written while Riley is talking)

When I'm older, I'll get married, have a big belly and have babies and forty puppies.  I'll name them:

Casey 8
And Casey 9.
Casey 8 will be 69 years old.
And the last one will be named Bell Curtain.
That's all the bells I wanted to say.

The big one will grow up more and more and more.  Then she'll be 60-14.  Then she'll die.  Then she'll run over a car.  And all there will be left are 69 puppies.  The other ones will die. When the puppy gets older and older when she gets 60-14, she will be dead already.  And then she'll go to Jesus.  And that's fine by me.

Life and Death

Riley is sick.  Home today, home again tomorrow.  Seems like we just can not get all of us healthy for long periods of time this year.

Riley and Jeremy spent the day together at home today.  Somehow they got on the topic of life.  Here are some of Riley's conclusions from the day:


Riley:  When I'm older, I'm going to get older.  And I'll have a husband.  And I'll get married.  Then my belly will get really big.  I'll have a baby and her name will be... ummm... Bella.  Then I'll have another baby and name her Jules.

Me:  We'll love them for sure.

Riley:  I know.


Riley:  You're almost very old, Dad.

Jeremy:  I'm not going to be old until you get married and have kids.

Riley:  No, you're already old.


Riley:  When I'm really old like Mamaw, I might be dead.... by that point.