Buddy Winks!

Last night Julia was having a tough time.  She kept making noises and continuing to shake her butt at us when we asked her to stop.  So being really bright, I said "Jules - remember that Buddy can see you."  She stopped and looked up at Buddy (our Elf on the Shelf) who was hanging from the curtain rod.  She got wide-eyed and put her hand in her mouth.  Then started to just bawl.

She was so afraid he'd tell Santa she hadn't been listening and that she'd get in trouble.  It took some time to calm her down.  Jeremy looked at Buddy and goes "Oh wow!  Buddy winked!  Oh my gosh - did you see that?  I saw it!  He's never done that before."

Riley was so dreamy eyed and filled with wonder.  Julia stopped crying.  They found it incredible.

Today at the Gymnastics party, Riley decided to tell all the girls around her that her Elf Buddy had blinked at Jeremy.  The looks in their eyes were priceless.  So amazed and enthralled.

Buddy decided to hang out with Barbie again tonight.  The girls think it is hilarious.


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