In two days, Jeremy and I celebrate ten years of marriage.  It has truly gone so fast and I love him more than I did the day we said "I do."  Our marriage has gone through lots of stages and I can honestly say that this past year has been one of the strongest and best years we've had.  I'm very much looking forward to the next ten years and many, many more together!

We actually exchanged gifts today.  We haven't done that in years.  I got him a big lego set from The Hobbit and a neat lego book that looks super cool.  He was really excited about it.  I was feeling good about it until I opened mine.  He had told me he'd gotten a few things for me.  I had told him how much I'd spent on him and he was like "that's cool."  He didn't share what he had done and I knew that it must be good which made me nervous that I hadn't done enough for him.  He told me not to worry about it and that he did it because he wanted to and that I didn't need to do anything more.

Today I opened the present he had out.  It was a square box from Teavana, my favorite tea place.  Actually there is only one tea in particular that I like and it is from there.  I always get a sample of it whenever I pass by.  Every time.

He purchased two containers: one of the tea and one of the rock sugar.  I am incredibly thankful!  He also found the container that will work to make it, but we will get that soon.

I figured that was it.  He was wearing his favorite grey sweatpants that have a large side pocket on the thigh.  I thanked him and he said "To get your other present, you have to find it.  It's in my pocket."  I was like "Um - ok."

So I took it out and saw that it said the name of my favorite store, Altar'd State.  I thanked him before opening the gift card and didn't think about what to expect.  I was just so thankful for it.  When I opened it, it said "To my beautiful wife From your loving husband."  The amount:  $200.  My jaw dropped.  Still can't believe it.

Turns out he lied to me about what his bonus was.  He left off $200 because he had spent it on me.  It was such a special gift.  More than I would ever have asked for or expected.  He is a gem and definitely thinks of me over himself.  Jeremy made this Christmas such a surprise.  Just amazed.


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