True Texas Girl

Today was a sleeping-in kind of day.  Julia slept until 7:30 and the Riley slept until after 9.  Could totally get used to that!

We played for a little while and had breakfast before heading out to the Old Craft Store where one of my coworkers spends her weekends at her second job.  She let me know about a boot sale that they have the day after Christmas and several of the teachers purchased some at the after-Thanksgiving sale. These are top of the line cowgirl boots and very very expensive.  They are samples that are used so they get majorly discounted, but are still their featured and newest boots that are out.

I figured I'd check it out as I'm always up for a good sale.  (Something I am planning to REALLY work on next year is how I nickel and dime and save tons, but end up spending much more than necessary as well.  But I have one more week until I have to start ;) )

Jackie was so kind and the craft store is amazing if you are a quilter!!!  Beautiful area in downtown Carrollton and looks like my Mom and I will have to go back to look at the different stores and restaurants.

There was a larger room to the right that had tons and tons of boots.  Cowgirl boots are typically a size or two larger than the shoes you usually wear.  Unfortunately it meant that everyone else was right around the same size as me and many had been picked over.  However it still meant that there were amazing boots still there.  If you were a size 6 or 6 1/2 shoe, there were TONS of amazing boots to choose from.

It was really different putting boots on as I've never tried them on before - at least not that I can remember.  The patterns were all unique and the leather is beautiful to touch and look at.  I liked one pair that had yellow and brown leather, but Riley told me that they looked like rainboots and I should NOT get those.  I kept going back and forth on several pairs and trying different boots out.  There was one pair I kept coming back to.  Has a beautiful flower pattern on it and fit like a glove.  They are made by Lane Boots.  Really had no idea what that meant other than they are normally expensive and I was about to get a good deal according to the teachers I work with.  So I got them for $95 plus tax equaling $102 and some change.

When we got home after stopping at the mall to play and at Joann Fabrics to get more yarn for an Etsy order, I went on the Lane website to check out the boots I'd purchased.  Found several more pairs that I think are beyond beautiful and then found the ones I had just purchased.  They are a new boot out.

Asking price:  $420 plus tax

Wow.  Have never owned a pair of anything that cost that much money!  Will definitely be wearing them often with my skirts and a few Texan dresses I have.  I'm finally a true Texas girl!!


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