First Piano Recital

Last night was the first piano recital I've ever held for my students.  Jeremy's parents and Madi drove in to see both of the girls perform which meant so much to all of us.  That was a big sacrifice on their part to take time to drive out to watch.  My parents came as well.  They were all so excited to watch!

Sixteen of my students performed (Julia and Riley being two of them).  Julia played the song "Will you play" with me from the Faber and Faber series (Yellow beginner book).  I was so impressed with how nicely and quietly and patiently she sat and watched the other students until it was her turn.

When I introduced her, she didn't really want to go up and play.  Shook her head "no" to me, but then she came up.  She wanted to sit in my lap, but I had her sit next to me.  I started playing and she joined in too!  Did soft/loud/white keys/black keys/ bench/fallboard.  She even bowed at the end which was cute.

Riley did a really great job.  She played two songs from the Faber and Faber Christmas book (yellow books).  The songs were "Up on the Housetop" and "I Love My Candy Cane."  She was nervous and her hands were shaking a little during the first song.  But she did really great.  After the first song, she bumped a piano key as she turned the page and this made her giggle which was so cute.

After she finished her second song, she sat at the bench for a little bit.  Everyone clapped and then stopped.  Then she stood next to the piano and took a bow.  So they clapped again.  Was so very proud of both of them!

Riley told me that now she knows how she'll feel when she does her gymnastics routines at her competitions!  She has a mock competition next Monday.  Very much looking forward to seeing her do all four events!


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