Reviewing Resolutions 2013

I always like to review what was accomplished throughout the year.  I keep my goals in mind all year long and look them over a few months in and keep them fresh.  Why?  Not just to achieve them, but because these are truly things that I want to accomplish.  I feel stronger and stretched and always have a focus in more than one area of my life.  The goals I make each year are in a wide range of areas:  home, spiritual, physical, financial, artistic, and other.

There were times when I didn't think I'd get to a certain goal, but then I'd push myself (or make myself relax more depending) and found I was able to achieve so much more this year than last year.  Here's a synopsis!

MY 13 GOALS FOR 2013:

1.  Read the entire Old Testament.
I read the Old Testament using YouVersion on my phone.  I love the YouVersion App!  Made it so easy.  In fact, I kept going and read the New Testament too.  After I finished reading the Bible, there were several studies that I did on my own using YouVersion.  Loved it!!

2.  Run a 5K.
My running was sporadic and not consistent.  However, I did run two 5K's this year!  One was the Run or Dye Race in Dallas with Riley.  We had a blast!  The other was a 5K in The Colony supporting our football team.  I was please to run them.  My never-satisfied-self was disappointed that I never reached the "running is easy" phase that I've had from consistent training in the past.  However, I did it.

3.  Take the kids to church on Wednesday nights.
(Sound the buzzer!)  I did not do this one.  I truly wanted to.  It didn't get done.

4.  Stand up for myself and say no when I mean no, yes when I mean yes and learn to accept the things that God has chosen for me to do without overstepping what He has for me to do and trying to do what others have been called to do for themselves.
This one is hard to measure, but there were definitely times throughout the year that I stood up for myself.  Not an easy one.

5.  Go on vacation with either my mom or as a family.  Or both!!
Went on vacation to Boston with Riley and my Dad.  Was a great week!!

6.  Pay off one zero percent credit card this year.
We did pay off a zero percent credit card...  only to transfer the money to another zero percent card.  So it doesn't really count.  Every month we're getting to it though without accumulating more so that is a positive!  Can't wait for the two cards to be done!

7.  Change the sheets on our bed every other week.  Ideally once a week, but with everything else, I don't know that I can get it done every week.
Check this off - done!  Had no problem remembering to do it every other week and it wasn't a big hassle at all.  Added one more load (or two or three when the girls sheets were done as well) each week.  I put it on the calendar which made it easy to accomplish.

8.  Go on one date night a month with Jeremy.
Check this off as well!  Great year!

9.  Take a painting class.
Took a painting class with my mom at Painting with a Twist.  We had a blast and I found I was a much better painter than I've ever given myself credit for.  Though I won't be going into work as an artist.  And everyone applauds...

10.  Redo a piece of furniture and stain or paint the armoire in the dining room.  In Pottery Barn black finish??  Or white??  Or a color??
Couldn't bring myself to redo the armoire.  Wasn't confident enough it'd turn out right and life took over.

11.  Texture and paint our ugly downstairs bathroom.  Or paint our laundry room.  Or the study.  Or all three... wonder what Jeremy would say to these :)

Jeremy was not thrilled about the idea of my painting anything so this summer when I wanted to paint.  He's not anti-paint.  He just doesn't like anything that might involve him having to help.  And he'll tell you so himself.  He always tells me that he doesn't mind me painting if I'm sure I won't need his help.  In every project (except the two I did this year!!), I didn't need any help at all with the painting aspect of the room.  I did need his help taking off the shelves in the laundry room and touching up one teeny tiny spot that I couldn't reach (please be sure to thank Jeremy for that when you see him - he pointed out to me that he actually did end up painting... um ok, two strokes in a small 2 inch space.  But good job!).

He told me I could paint the garage if I wanted to in the summer.  So I did!  With a little help from Riley who loved it.  As a result we put in new shelves for organizing and putting things up.  Less than 6 days later, our water heater flooded the garage.  Thinking it's God's way of saying "painting is good!"  ;)

I also painted the laundry room a few days ago.  What a difference!!  I love it.  So fresh and clean and organized!

Would love to tackle the study and downstairs bathroom, but those will take more than paint... not planning to put it on my list next year.  Or will I??!!

12.  Wear a skirt or dress once a week.  Silly, but I like to dress up and never do.  Need to use the skirts and dresses I have...especially with my cute knee high boots!
I find myself wearing skirts and dresses all the time to work.  Jeremy would just snicker because he knew that I would find a day to fit it in just to make sure I met my goal.  But that's the thing - it was a goal that was attainable.  And it helped open up my wardrobe without having to buy anything else (though I did go shopping).  I love wearing skirts and dresses and felt more professional than just wearing slacks and a shirt.  Will keep this one up next year even if it's not a goal!

13.  Choose one day to NOT look at Facebook... even on my phone.  This will be a challenge for sure.
Did not work out.  Second year in a row I couldn't do it.  Pathetic.


Goals made:  13
Goals met:  9
Goals not met:  4
Opinion of the goals for this year:  Pleased with the outcome!  Bring on the goals of 2014!


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