Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Monthly Tuition:  $1800  (yes, we'll have paid $18,000 for daycare this year.  Shouldn't have done the math.  That's a totally depressing thought)

Fees for supplies each semester:  $150

Uniforms:  $100 at least (which I totally love that they have because it has saved us money and the kids look adorable)

Riley and Julia feeling loved and comfortable and safe - priceless

Riley's ability to talk about herbivores and carnivores, add and subtract, count by tens, write her upper case and lower case letters, read three letter words (only the good ones - after all they aren't to four letter words yet) and be able to recite the continents, days of the week, months of the year and other songs by memory and understand them - priceless as well

Julia's ability to sing about twinkle stars, say her colors, go to the potty, follow directions, learn to stop biting, and growing into such an amazing toddler - priceless as well

Totally impressed with the Montessori method and Lakeside Montessori.  So amazed with what the girls are doing and learning.  Just had to brag about them since it is our family blog and so I don't forget what an amazing year this has been for our girls.

Fire Drill

Today was one of the first times I'd heard about a fire drill at Lakeside.  Nicole, Julia's teacher, said that Julia was on the potty when the alarm went off.  So the rest of the class followed another teacher and Julia was on the potty screaming like crazy.  Nicole said it was hilarious because Julia is yelling and she's trying to put on her pull-ups, pants, socks, and shoes as they are running out the door at the same time.  She was laughing the entire time telling me the story.

One of the best parts of the day was that Julia went on the potty three times!!!  Amazing.  Hoping that she ends up getting potty trained before the age of three.  Would love to be not paying for diapers or pull-ups!


We cooked several meals tonight, but yet one meal really.  Girls had farfalle and parmesan, I had farfalle and sausage and Jeremy had tortellini and sausage.  Since the sausage was still cooking, Jeremy asked if Riley and Madi could sit down to begin eating.  Then asked that one of them pray.  Riley volunteered very excitedly and began praying:

Dear Lord,
Thank you for this food and for this day.  Help it keep our bodies healthy.  Thank you for Madi, me, Julia, Daddy and Mommy.  Thank you for everything that we have.  Thank you that we have plates forever.  Thank you Lord.  Amen.

Was so very sweet.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Beautiful Girls!


Riley hasn't been feeling well the past few days.  Julia just got over pink eye.  So it's been another round of exhaustion mixed with care.  Riley said her ears are hurting last night.  We gave her some tylenol and she was able to sleep.  However she went to bed late because she couldn't get to sleep (8:30pm - normally asleep around 7pm) and woke me up at 5:30am (normally sleeps until 7:00am on weekends).

Lots of great moments are made in these wee hours.  I especially love her little funny comments and her songs.  As much as I long to sleep, it's quite cute and we have a lot of good laughs together.  Here are a few highlights from this morning:

"Mom!  Can I lay with you?... (five seconds later.  literally)  I have to go to the bathroom.  Can you come with me?  I need someone with me.  It's dark.  I have to go.  Where is the sun?  I want to go potty.  Come on Mom!"

Off we go to the bathroom:

"I had to go bad.  I knew you'd want to come with me in case you needed to go too."

Back in the hallway:

Riley:  I want to go in my room.  I need you to come.
Me:  Riley, it's so early.  I thought you said you said that you'd come back and lay down in bed with me?
Riley:  I want to go in my room.  I'll turn off the light and promise I'll lay down quiet.

Off we go to her room - so we don't wake up the other girls.  We lay down in bed and get comfortable.

Riley:  Ohhhh.  Isn't this nice?  I thought you'd be more comfortable in here.  Hey!  Can we buy a giraffe?
Me:  A real one or a stuffed animal one?
Riley:  A real one.  But a small one.  A baby one.  It would be so cute.  We could bring it home and then when it got bigger, it could go in our backyard and eat the leaves off our trees.  (starts singing) I'm soooo bluh-uh-uh blue-ue-ue blue-ue-ue - uuuueeeee.  I'm so blue I don't know what to do.  She's soooo blue-ue-ue blue-ue-ue blue-ue-ue uuuuuue.  She's so blue she don't know what to do.  (sings repeatedly with some vibrato then talks again)  That's from Madame Blueberry
Me:  When did you see that show?
Riley:  At Grandma's house!  Did you sell it to her?
Me:  No.  We let her borrow it.
Riley:  Oh.  I thought you would sell it to her.  Maybe we can get it back.  I want to watch it. Oh wow.  Your arm is warm.  My arm is soooo cold.  But my feet are hot.  Hey!!  It's so hard to sleep.  I just can't sleep.

She sits up and farts in my face.

Me:  Thanks Riley.
Riley:  Oops.  Sorry Mom! (giggles) Burp!!  Burp!!!  Burrrrrrrrrrrp!  (fake burping repeatedly. have no idea where she gets this from ;))  Mom - I'm trying to get some really funny ones.  Burrrrrrp.  Burrrrp!  hahahahaha   Burp.  Buuuuuuuurp! BUrp!  hahahaha.  That was a good one.
Me:  I thought you were going to try to sleep.
Riley:  It's too hard.

She turns over and hits me in the face.

RIley:  Sorry Mom.  I just can't get comfortable. (sings again) I'mmmmm sooooo blue.....

Me:  It's been a while let's get up and go downstairs.
Riley:  Ok Mom!  It's just so hard to sleep.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Night Routine

Times shown are approximate.  We're not a slave to time.  Just happens to be that this was about how tonight went:

6:00pm - night routine begins
6:05pm - girls all upstairs
6:10pm - somebody needs something downstairs and must absolutely get it.  Now.  Or else.  (this is always either Riley or Madi)
6:15pm - girls are changing into pjs for the night
6:20pm - girls are brushing their teeth, gargling, and then going potty
6:30pm - Jeremy and I are filling the humidifiers and setting them up in the girls' rooms while Riley is chattering away, Julia is reading books in her crib (which she also does while you empty it in the bathroom in the morning.  Gotta have her books!) and Madi is usually already in her bed reading
6:40pm - girls all say goodnight to each other.  We divide and conquer.  One of us puts down Jules and Madi.  The other puts down Riley.


Madi reads in her room while one of us is doing the following with Jules-

6:40 - 6:55 - Reading books with Jules in the big comfy leather chair.  She pulls the books off the shelf that she wants to read and brings them to you.  When she's finished reading one with you, she says "ah dah (all done)" and "way" (away).  Then slides off you and puts it back and takes another one out.

6:55 - 7:10ish - she snuggles on your shoulder and asks you to sing songs like "Tinkle" (Twinkle Twinkle little star) and loves the Overture song to Bye Bye Birdie - only with her name in it instead of Conrad's name.  And she always sings the lyrics "I'm blue!  Oh Julia I love you."

7:10 - put her to sleep in her crib.  Must have white burp cloth laid out for her head to rest on it and a small blue blanket with white trim that I crocheted covering her back.  She loves to yell "NIGHT NIGHT!"  and then laugh

7:10pm - Go into Madi's room.  Read chapter in the Bible and then Jeremy will read Drizzt book and I will read Warriors book with her.  Then we pray.  Lights out at 8:00pm when we leave.


6:40pm - Read from the Jesus Storybook Bible or the Beginner's Bible.  Depending on time, behavior, etc...  we read a variety of books.  Tonight it was a Barbie Fashion Fairytale, The Napping House, and The Wizard of Oz.  She lays down and we keep the closet door propped slightly open for light (even though she has a nightlight, but it's very dim).

7:00 - 8:00 - We pray and lay and share stories from when we were little kids.  She especially loves the story about how my brother Jim had to write his favorite things on a piece of paper, wanted to spell the word "favorite" and was told to sound it out and then wrote very large across the top "F-A-R-T."  She asks me for this story every time I put her to bed.  Then we lay quietly.  I leave after 4-8 songs - depending on how tired she is and what time it is.  She had chosen to wear pj pants, a red and black dress, and a pj shirt on top of it for bed tonight.  Said she cold.  Then hot.  Took off the pj shirt.

Well, tonight at about 8:00pm, she was still awake.  I had left about 7:45pm.  We kept hearing creaky doors opening and closing.  I went upstairs to take something up and peeked through the crack of her door.  Nobody was laying in her bed.  But there was her pink sleeping bag spread out all over the bed.  So I opened the door and said "Riley" very softly.  She was standing to my left and sporting quite the ensemble.  She had changed into a rainbow striped dress with her Cruella De Vil coat over it (complete with black fur collar and fake diamond buttons) and looked quite alarmed.  I just asked her to go to bed.  And she lay down.  I peeked through the door as I left to find that she was then putting on her fluffy pink slippers.  So I went downstairs figuring she'd wear herself out.

About 8:30, we heard more sound from upstairs.  Went up to find her sleeping bag tossed to the side, her nap blanket tossed to the side and she's in her closet doing who knows what still wearing the dressy outfit.  Jeremy and I explained that she needed to be in comfy pjs and stop dressing up at night.  So we got her dressed in new pjs.  Only this time it was one of her pj dresses with horses on it.  She climbed into bed and we helped her lay down all comfy and warm.  Each of us took a turn kissing her forehead, saying goodnight and I love you.

Will be interesting to see what she is wearing when morning comes!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Love You Too Daddy

So every night the girls decide who they want to read with them. Usually there's no competition.  Madi loves the Drizzt books with Jeremy and Riley loves to read with me.  Tonight we asked Riley who she wanted and she said that she wanted Jeremy which was very sweet.  Will give me time with Madi and him time with her.

Before we went upstairs to read and put the girls down, Jeremy dropped a dish into the dishwasher and Riley says "Oh there might be glass.  I better sweep it up."  I told her that she didn't have to if she didn't want to because the glass didn't break.  She goes "No.  It's ok Mom. I don't mind."  So she got a broom from the laundry room and proceeded to sweep the entire kitchen.  (By the way, she's only four)  She kept saying "This floor is soo dirty!"  I have no idea who says that ;)

Jeremy put all the dishes in and I helped finish putting the dust pan away.  And then the following conversation occurs:

Jeremy:  So you want me tonight, Riley?
Riley:  Yes Dad!!  I want you to bring your iPad so I can watch some movies.
Jeremy:  Well, it's very late tonight Riley.  Would it change things if you knew that we wouldn't have time for the iPad story tonight?
Riley:  Ohhh!!!  But I want the iPad story!
Jeremy:  Well we're not going to have it.
Riley:  Ok.  Then I want Mommy.

She still gets special time with Daddy tonight.  And I'm sure that she'll love just being with him.  Even without the iPad.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Growing Older

So Riley has informed me that she is growing up.

Riley:  Mom, I really want to bring my lunch to school tomorrow.
Me:  How about Monday because we don't have a lot of food to pack for tomorrow?
Riley:  Ok.  But Mom you seriously have to get me a new lunchbox.  It's totally embarrassing.  I can't use a baby one.  You have to replace my Tinkerbell lunchbox.  I'm not into fairies anymore.  I only like unicorns and big girl things.  I'm not a baby anymore so I really need a new one please.
Me:  Ok.  So no more fairies?
Riley:  No mom.  Only unicorns and things like that.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blooper #2

Last night I was invited by a friend of mine from church to come and hang out with a group of girls from church at La Madeleine's.  And of course, have a delicious dinner.  So I mentioned it to Jeremy and he was like "Sure!  You should go!"  and I said "Ok!  I will then!  Thanks!"

So tonight I left for the restaurant at 6:30pm and thought I had the wrong restaurant because I couldn't find them.  I knew she had reserved the back room so I thought that maybe I just hadn't found the back room so I asked a girl that worked there where the back room was and she said it was through the wooden door in the back.

I went to the wooden door and wasn't sure how to open it as it had no handle.  My first thought was "there's no handle?!  How does this thing open?"  My next brilliant idea was to push it so I did.  And lifted it high enough to hit a table and some chairs (about waist height) and then lowered it back down.  The table of people behind me were giving me strange looks, but I figured they were just wondering why I was looking inside of it.  Never dawned on me until I was telling Jeremy the story that it was because it was a pocket door and anyone else would have realized that no handles on the door means that it slides open.

Not only did I open the door wrong, but I also got the time wrong too!  Not the wrong location as I first thought.  So instead of wasting time, I assumed I had the wrong place and called my mom to see if she wanted to do dinner.  She was going out to a friends' home with my dad so she said "No, but go find a fun place to eat by yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet!"  So I went to the mall.  And shopped.

Got new socks from Clarks and found out that their socks have a lifetime guarantee!!  If they get a hole in them five years from now, I can return them without a receipt and get a new pair of socks even if the socks are a different price than what I had paid years before.  Crazy.  Love it.

Then went to Victoria's Secret for their semi-annual sale.  And thought "Hm... did Jen say 6:30pm or 7:30pm?"  So being that it was about 7:30pm, I stopped by La Madeleine's again and lo and behold - the girls were all there.  So I hung out with friends and finally ate some dinner.  Ended up being a great night!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


A few days ago at work, I brought a yummy lunch.  Well, really just a cheap healthy lunch from home, but it would suffice.  Soup, chips, yogurt, and apple.  So I ate it and noticed I still had 15 minutes left to lunch time.  Thought this was weird because I usually have less than a few minutes left and I have to shove my food down quick just to finish it.  Then I was starving by the time school let out.  Couldn't figure out why.

The next day (Wednesday) I was sitting at the lunch table in the teacher's lounge waiting for a microwave to become available so that I could heat up my pork to eat.  My friend Jen was getting her food out of the microwave and I noticed a white bowl covered with a towel sitting out and asked if there was someone going after her.  She said "I don't know.  There's just the bowl full of food sitting here."  So I stood up to see what it was (as everyone else had already started eating) and looked closer at the bowl.

I said "Hey - this is my bowl from home!  And this is the soup I made yesterday.  Except I thought I ate it.  Did anyone see me eat my lunch?  Did I forget to eat it?"  Everyone laughed.  And I quickly realized that I had eaten my food, but got caught up in talking about funny stories with coworkers as well as talking about stressful things going on and never got my hot soup out of the microwave.  And since everyone at my lunch hour had already eaten, there wasn't anyone using it after me so there was no way to know that I'd not had it.  My coworker Val goes "I thought your lunch looked small yesterday!"  And then laughed.

At staff meeting yesterday one of the teachers said something about how someone picked up the full bowl of soup and I said "Oh - that was mine.  Forgot about it."  Felt moronic and yet couldn't help but just laugh at myself.

Guess I'm just a little preoccupied...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd

Not feeling in the mood to think of a creative title.

Girls are doing awesome.  Riley is excelling at school.  Loved by all the kids and teachers and she loves them just as much.  Her writing is getting amazing.  She is able to add.  She asked my mom the other day how old she will be in 2012.  My mom said "I'll be 58."  Then Riley says "That means you're 57 right now."  Amazing.

Jules is talking non-stop.  Tells us "no" to everything.  Even if she asks "I wan ce-eal" (I want cereal - which actually means "I want Lucky Charms, but only to eat all the marshmallows out of it").  Then is given a bowl which she quickly dumps on the floor, is told to help pick up and again says "no."

Great start to the year though!!