Sewing Machine

Riley and I have spent some time sewing together.  She made a pair of AG doll pants and did such a great job with it.  Ever since then, she has wanted her own sewing machine so badly.

My parents found a killer deal at Joann Fabrics on a Singer machine.  And not the kid variety.  This machine will last her years which will be so amazing.  They surprised us by getting it about a week ago.  The machine is called the Singer Curvy:

My mom and I went out to Joann's the same day to purchase some side items to go with it - various fabrics, bobbins, a case with compartments to hold things, thread, extra needles, scissors, the works.  It was so much fun picking things out!  Found some great fabric on sale and used coupons.  Fabrics have cats, dogs, cute prints and a really beautiful black and white print.

Tonight Riley let Julia open her gift first.  At this point, Riley had forgotten about really wanting the sewing machine because she talked about it so much that Jeremy and I were adamant that it was too expensive a gift and that there was no way to make it happen.

Riley was very happy for Julia and then began to open her present.  She got it unwrapped enough to read the top so I asked her to read it to us.  She read the word 'Singer.' Wasn't really sure what it was.  Then unwrapped a little bit more and saw the picture.  She jumped up and down so many times and said "Yeah!!!!"

My mom then showed her the extra items that Jeremy and I had gotten for her to go along with it.  She loved all of it. My dad was sure to explain that this wasn't a toy; it was truly a real sewing machine that she had to be careful with.  I explained that she'll need to let me actually help her with it.  She told me that she'd let me help her no problem!

As soon as we got home, Jeremy took the box upstairs.  I had dusted the desk in Madi's room so that we could make room for Riley's sewing stuff.  Riley and I went upstairs and took the machine out of the box and set it on top of the desk.  Then she organized the entire desk the way that she wanted it with fabric on one shelf, the odds and ends Eiffel Tower container on the other and then fun things in the drawer underneath.  She thanked me for helping her set up her sewing room.

Later as we were getting ready for bed, she asked if we could just walk into her sewing room one more time just to look at it one more time.  I told her we could so she just sighed and walked in and stared at it again.  Then said "I can't believe I have my own sewing room.  I never thought that would happen! I'm so excited!"

Her first project tomorrow:  ukelele
Her second project tomorrow: sew something

And if we get the chance to go look at more fabric, she said that would be fun too!


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