Advent Week 4

Our final week before Christmas!  Can hardly believe it.  Has been a great learning experience with the girls and it's been so fantastic to focus on others and family time.

So here is our last few days:

22 - Give flowers and chocolates to a close friend that had knee surgery

Our old neighbors (The Simonsens) are some of the most amazing people you could ever meet.  We've been friends now for ten years and first met them when we moved onto St. Andrews Court next door to them.

Theresa just had knee surgery for a torn miniscus and to get out some arthritis in her knee. After church today, we stopped by the store to pick up fresh flowers.  Riley wanted to give her white flowers and Julia wanted to give her yellow flowers.  I picked out a box of Hershey's chocolates that looked delicious and we headed to their beautiful home.

I had texted to ask what time would work to stop by, but we ended up surprising her which was a lot of fun!  The girls each gave her their bouquets of flowers.  We spent time talking and the girls spent the entire time with their dogs.  There was the added bonus that Theresa's mom and dad were there too.  We love them like crazy!  It was so wonderful to get half an hour with all of them and to just enjoy each other's company.

23 - Read the story of the first Christmas as a family

This was an interesting one.  We talked about it at the beginning of the day before Jeremy left for work.  We always read to the girls at bedtime and planned to read it then.  They were both so tired.  Riley wanted to climb on Jeremy's back and Julia kept putting her head on Jeremy's butt and laughing hysterically.  I read two pages of the Jesus Calling Bible and at least got to read that Jesus was born in a stable with animals.  Didn't have quite the effect I was hoping it would have (much laughter and snorting instead), but we read it.  And we can always reread it tomorrow!

24 - Spend time with family and go to our Christmas Eve Service at church
Ended up spending tons of time with family.  Had to make a choice to get food for our dinner that night and let Julia get a nap or go to the Christmas Eve Service.  Chose to get the food and give Julia a nap.  Was a wonderful day with family!


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