Icepocalypse 2013

So the weathermen were right this time!  We had been warned that we'd be getting a huge snowstorm the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Everyone freaked out, raided Walmart shelves and... nothing.  No snow.  Nothing.

They warned about an ice storm and most of us at work were not optimistic about it actually happening.  Until I did outdoor duty after school yesterday as sleet was pounding on me.  Even with an umbrella, it was so windy and cold.  Obvious that we were going to get quite the storm.  I pulled Riley from her gymnastics bus line, picked up Julia, cancelled all but one piano student (thanks Sheila for bringing Peyton before all the craziness really started!) and drove home safely.

Last night I could hear our home being pounded by ice pellets.  It was quite the ice storm.  It sounded like teeny tiny hail balls, but was as consistently coming down as a rain shower for hours.  Outside this morning the trees look they have either broken or could snap at any moment.  There is so much weight on these poor trees.

Tonight I was going to be selling my crochet items at our women's banquet at church.  Very excited about it and have been working hard to get everything ready.  Literally hundreds of items ready.

It was cancelled just a few minutes ago.  With people being frozen into their homes unable to open the garage door and so many unable to even get their car out of the home, it was not a safe scenario for hundreds of us to try to make it to church.

Jeremy was insistent upon going to work.  He has loads to do and planned to go in.  I pleaded and asked him to stay home.  I told him the stats that there were 162 accidents last night before midnight in the DFW metroplex and that people were stranded and there was 1-3 inches of ice on the roads.  His drive is long enough without driving on sheets of ice all the way down and back.

He told me he had to go in and that he'd call as he was driving.   So I did what any loving wife would do.  I said "Fine.  Then don't call me.  I don't want to hear from you."  What I meant to say was "Ok honey.  Watch the roads and don't call until you are there so you stay focused on the drive."  Have no doubt that it sounded sweet and kind the way it came out.  :)

Jeremy left and nine minutes later was back at home.  In the meantime I had asked for prayers for him on Facebook because he was insane (my opinion I know) to go out and I simply wanted a husband who would stay alive through today and many more.  Was grateful to be able to post that he turned around and came home because while he could make it into work, he wasn't sure that he would be able to get home from work later tonight.  The girls and I cheered!  He wasn't thrilled as he really wanted to do work (and has been working since getting home three hours or so ago).

Riley and I and Julia got bundled up.  The girls really wanted to build a snowman!  It wasn't that kind of snow, but better for them to discover that themselves and play in it the way they want to instead of saying no.  Riley ran out in the crunchy snow while Julia stood bundled up in the doorway staring outside.  Unmoving.  She refused to go outside and simply said "I'm cold."

So Riley and I went outside for a short time.  She loved breaking the ice off the ground and eating some of the dusting of ice flakes.

We get to spend the day inside and will be a relaxing one I hope!


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