Kindness Advent Week One

This has been one of the most fun ways we have ever celebrated the start of the Christmas Season.  It has been so fun to find ways to be kind to others and to think so much further away from ourselves than we ever have.  The girls are always happy to help others and to find out what we are doing each day.

The week's rundown:  (and it's not over quite yet!)

Day One:  Give a present to a child through church for Frisco Family Services
- The girls picked out a five year old girl that wanted a doll.  So we went to Target and they picked out the doll that they would want, but we got it for the girl instead.  Riley brought it into church and took it to the drop-off area.  She was so very happy to do it herself!

Day Two:  On Monday, we brought a bag of four quarters that I hung on our pop machine at work with a sticky note that reads "Enjoy a free drink."  Riley brought an envelope with $5 to the lunch lady.  The envelope read "Please use this money to put on a student's account that could use it."

After Riley gave it to her, the lunch lady asked me whose daughter she was so that she could put the money in the right account.  I told her that she was my daughter (Riley doesn't usually eat lunch from the school so they don't know her in the lunchlines).  She said "Ok - I'll add it to her account."  I had to tell her to read the note on the envelope.  After she did, she immediately said "OH!  I know exactly whose account to put this on."  Made me so happy to know that she knew exactly who could use it and that it will help them.  If even just a small amount.

Day Three:  On Tuesday, it was a day to give a family a gift card.  So we gave a Chipotle gift card to our nurse at school.  She and her husband are in the ministry and give so much to others.  They have three small children and work hard.  Hopefully they will enjoy a nice night out!

Day Four:  On Wednesday, it was a day for us to write letters to family members that live far away.  We actually did this on Saturday because the girls didn't want to wait!  They each wrote a letter to Grandpa Mo.  We'll end up sending more out soon!

Day Five:  On Thursday, it is a day to bring dog treats and food to our local pet shelter.  Riley and I went to Kroger and picked up several kinds and then delivered them today as I have to teach piano students tomorrow and she has three hours of gymnastics tomorrow.  But doing it a day early is fine too!  :)

Day Six:  With ice coming down everywhere last night, all events have been cancelled.  So it is a family day!  Our Christmas movie night will happen and we spent the day inside together.  We watched Elf and had popcorn together while snuggling in the blankets on the couch.  Precious time!

Day Seven:  The last day of our first week of the Kindness Advent!  We made Christmas ornaments.  Painted popsicle sticks, hot glued them into whatever the girls wanted them in and decorated them.  Riley came up with an idea to make a minion popsicle sticks and use googly eyes and things to make them look like minions.  She also took sticker letter and added backing to them so they wouldn't stick to anything else and then cut out around them, added gold string stuff and hung them on the tree.  They say "now" and "bop."  Very festive!!

We also baked brownies together as a family.  Riley wanted to crack the eggs.  We only had two left and needed both of them.  She didn't wait for us and used both hands to crack the first egg.  The shell went in the bowl and the rest of it went all over the table.  So I took the shell out of the bowl and pushed all of the egg into the bowl.  Voila!  Problem solved!

We finished the movie Elf as a family and enjoyed more snuggles.  It has been such a great few days for our family to have time together. So relaxing and restful and peaceful!!!


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