Spots, Spots - Go Away!!

Julia's face looks like she has chicken pox.  Thankfully, that's not what it is.  This virus continues to spread everywhere.  It was totally gone yesterday and today it is back with a vengeance and it's covering her whole body and has decided that instead of a few scattered spots, it is going to completely cover both cheeks in tons of spots.

Today was a fairly good day.  Lots of cleaning up and putting away Christmas decorations.  Managed to finish all the laundry, vacuum downstairs, wash our bathroom shower and clean it as well as put laundry away.

I've been working hard trying to get some Etsy orders out to clients as well as creating new items for others to purchase.  Had a photographer contact me from Chicago who wanted to know if I could send her some items in return for free digital copies of the images to use on my site.  Umm... yes please!  Her photography looks amazing so I'm hoping that she can use a lot of what I sent her.

Riley read through a level D and level E reader today that Mrs. E sent home with her before break.  She is doing such an amazing job reading.  We're super proud of her!

My dad got an iPad today so he came over for a few hours while Julia and I took a nap.  Jeremy and Riley got him all set up on it.  She was most excited to show him Minecraft and is dying for him to get the game.  Later in the day she was able to text him (she wrote the sweetest text saying that she hopes that my mom feels better) and then got to FaceTime.  She really wanted to talk to my mom and ask her about their vacation that Riley wants to do.  I prepped my mom for that one as Riley wants to go to Bermuda again.  :)  Who doesn't?!

Going to soak up the next five days before we head back to school.  Loving being home with these amazing girls and spending time loving on them and having fun together.  So blessed to be their mom!!


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