Home Again

Another day at home!  Loving this.  This morning was a blur.  I slept in Julia's room once again and she was extremely fitful so neither one of us slept well last night.  She woke up early and said she was hungry so I went down and got her breakfast.  Then we played some puzzles and hung out.  I waited until 7:45 to wake up Jeremy as I knew he had a hair appointment at 8:30 and figured he'd want some coffee.  Riley woke up soon after.

We had a really nice morning together.  It has been incredibly cold for Texas and I've wanted to get outside and run, but haven't had the motivation to deal with the cold until today.  Felt somewhat warmer this morning (41 degrees... still brrrr) but I had the motivation so I got out my new shoes (new running shoes always make it easier to get out as the cushioning is just awesome) and headed out the door.  Felt incredible to be running.  Passed a few people out walking their dogs, but otherwise it was very quiet.  I was able to run a mile and a half without stopping.  Walked .10 of a mile at the beginning to warm up and again to cool down.  In total, I ran 1.71 miles in 22 minutes.  Totally happy with that.  Great starting point to build up to the 5K for this year!  After having that goal for two years, I am determined to meet it this year!!

Got home, showered, had lunch and headed to Walmart with my price matching.  Saved a bundle today and spent only $171 which is the cheapest our bill has been in about five weeks.  Could be because Santa was buying toys the last five weeks and the cost was spread out between them.  However, the price matching helped a lot today so that was good.

In the afternoon, we went to Lola's second birthday party.  Was fun to see Michael and Jenny and their kids.  Hadn't seen them in a year and a half which is crazy.  Our girls were sick at the twin's birthday last fall so we spared passing it to them and stayed home.  The girls had a fantastic time!  Their swing set is amazing and all they wanted to do was be outside on it despite the cold and having no coats with us!

At one point, Riley was swinging and her cousin Madeline, who is six, stepped in front of her and stopped to look at her.  Riley's feet kicked forward and kicked her right in the mouth causing Madeline's loose tooth to fall out into the woodchips.  It was the first tooth Madeline has ever lost!  We couldn't find her tooth.  Hopefully the tooth fairy will get her something special tonight!  Riley checked on her when I took her inside.  Her mouth was bleeding and she was crying and shocked.  Riley felt bad and was glad she was ok.

Julia just wanted to be wherever Lola was and kept saying "You have a baby!  I have a baby!"  On the way to the party she kept saying 'Yola have a party!'  She was soooo excited to go to the party.  It was a very nice time.

We got home, had dinner and started the night routine.  Both girls were worn out.  I sure will miss being home with them and spending so much time with them.  They just melt our hearts and make us smile and are just the most amazing kids ever.


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