Has been a very trying week with a tween in the house.  Oh. My. Word.  Everyone says that it is good practice for when Riley and Julia get older which is somewhat scary being that we'll then have a teenager and a tween at one point.  I realize that all of her behavior is very normal for a tween.  Doesn't make it easier to deal with and we are definitely frustrated beyond words.

A small (very small) glimpse at some of what we've been dealing with:

- is needing to work on her project for LEAP and takes over two hours to look up restaurants online only to not find one.  Which is interesting because she has no problem finding answers to a million other things in five seconds and gathering information, but can not figure out how to ask questions about what she is needing.

- takes over two days to get one day of her itinerary done, but when told that she will have a sleepover with a friend, she actually works and gets the entire rest of the trip done in only an hour and a half.  Haven't seen her work that hard in weeks and weeks.  And the information is good.  Truly only motivated if there is something in it for her and as whiny and crying and complaining about it all and slow working if there isn't.

- decides to show off her new violin to two of my piano students while I am giving a lesson downstairs and takes it into the playhouse in the playroom instead of letting them see it in her room.  Then leaves it in there on the floor in the middle of one of the houses while other kids come in and play.  Says she decided to work on her project and just left it there on the floor.  Thankful the kids didn't play on it, but can only imagine what would have happened if one kid had fallen on it... definitely wouldn't have had a violin for the fall.

- brings her iPod to school but drops it and now has a crack at the bottom of her screen.

- is getting negative reports from teachers at school about her behavior, attitude and lack of work.  Which is frustrating because she is capable, but just isn't trying and doesn't care.

Again, I realize this is totally normal, but it is extremely tiring to deal with.  Especially on top of trying to get work, home and other things done with two other kids.  Just keep reminding myself that it is for a season, that this is not easy for her either and that God has a plan in all of this.


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