Julia and Lice

Riley:  (to me)  Don't worry Mom.  I know exactly how to tell Julia about the bugs.  I know just what to say.  Let me talk to her.  (she walks over to Julia).  Julia.  Julia.  Julia!  I need you to listen to me.  I have something important to tell you.  There are bugs in my hair and I'm really sorry to tell you.  It will be alright.  You see my room?  There aren't any animals in here anymore.  No blankets.  Nothing.  No toys.  There's not much in here anymore.  I don't have my dolls or my stuffed animals.  There's like nothing in here.  Julia, you won't have any more animals in your room.  You won't have any more dolls in your room.  Nothing.  It will look like my room.  We have bugs.  But don't worry - you'll get them back in two weeks.  Okay?

Julia:  (crying)  Where my babies?  I want my babies!


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