Making a Will

My friend recently lost her fiance of seven years.  She has gone through so much due to not having a will and him not having a will.  The fact that they never married and didn't have anything in writing has made things extremely difficult for her.  She has told me several times that the best thing they could have ever done was to have had a will.  She said it would have made things infinitely easier after his death.

Yesterday she told me again that I absolutely should make a will - even if it was using online forms.  Just to have something down in case something were to ever happen.  So I did it.  I went to and was able to get a will drafted.  Was awesome.  Took an hour or a little longer.  I was able to get tons of important decisions down and have it signed and put in a folder.

Jeremy thought it was hilarious that I decided to use free time after the girls went to bed to draft one, but after hearing Ed talk about it for two months, it really is an important document to have and I was in the mood to do it.

The document is now in the hutch in the office - filing drawer in a blue file folder. (just in case anyone would ever need to know)

It does feel good to have it drawn and to know that there is at least something to protect our kids if anything were to happen.

The other important info she gave was to have all usernames and passwords to all accounts in a central location.  Being that there are accounts we have that I don't know this information, probably one of the things we'll work on and put with the will as well.  Never would have thought about that before.


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