Day Two of my Worst Nightmare

Today was much better.  I made Riley wear her hair in a ponytail and I did the same.  Not sure that really does anything, but it made me feel better!  Also made her put this special gel called "Fairy Tale" in her hair.  It has peppermint and other things in it that repel lice.  Figured it can't hurt.

She had a great day at school and no itching.  When we got home, I used an all-natural remedy from a friend that she had used on her boys when they had lice.  I put it on Madi's hair and Julia's hair for an hour.  They were great about sitting in the kitchen for an hour with it on their heads.  Then washed it off and all was good.

Washed Riley's hair tonight and then used the nit comb to go through her hair little by little again.  Nothing.  There is nothing there.  Comb didn't get anything on it either.  I used a special nit comb that is long, tight and awesome on her hair tonight.  Really loved it... as much as you could love a nit comb.

Did more laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, prepped lunches and work for tomorrow, gave showers to the girls and myself, folded several loads of laundry, washed all the jackets, changed out the sheets and pillow cases in our room, ...  yep, it was a hectic crazy day.

Tomorrow will mean less laundry as I'm at the end of it.  I took a Pottery Barn blanket and a duvet insert to the dry cleaner on my way to work as they were the two items that can not be washed in the washer and dryer.  Figured that I needed to get them out of the house asap and have them taken care of so that we can avoid having this again.

Jeremy and I truly feel that we're going overboard on cleaning, but we're both totally fine with hitting everything we possibly can.  Would be such a shame to miss something and then have to do this again because we weren't diligent the first time.

I definitely have new empathy for any family having to go through this.  Especially as I feel that we were fortunate that Nurse Jo checked her head and found it when it was in earlier stages before more had happened.  So thankful for her.  And now I'm much more informed about signs of lice and finding them.  So I guess there is a silver lining to it.  Still totally grosses me out.  Just thankful that Riley is such a trooper about it and that she is so confident about it.

When I dropped Julia off at school today, she looked at her teacher and said "Riley has bugs in her hair!"  I explained it to her teacher and she just smiled and said "When my daughter had it three times..."  We talked at lunch about it today and everyone had a story about it.  And it seems as though many of them dealt with it several times.  Praying that this is the extent of what we have to deal with...


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