Last night was a tough one.  Julia had trouble breathing and woke up several times and was just miserable.  Lots of hugs and sweet time with her, but felt so bad.  This morning she was still running at 101.2 fever when she woke up despite taking medicine.  She was very tired and lethargic.  Riley was feeling much better and didn't have a fever.  Thought about sending her to school, but chose to keep her home and I'm glad I did.

I called the dr. at 9:00am when they opened and we got there for an appointment at 9:20am.  So thankful we live so close to our Dr!!!  They weighed Jules (32 lbs) and then took us in the room and did a flu test.

Dr. came in a few minutes later with a squinted face and an "ouch!  poor baby!"  so we knew it wasn't good.  Turns out that Julia has both the flu strain A and the flu strain B at the same time.  Basically a double flu.  And her temp at the Dr. was 102.6.  Poor baby is right!!

We talked about it and ways to help them.  Then we talked about Riley and he said it'd be good to check her because if her sickness was just a bad cold, it could be very likely that she could catch the flu from Julia and that we'd be out of work for another week from then. So they did a swab on her and she still has the flu.  Still testing positive and still contagious to others.

Dr. said that the earliest that the girls can go back to school is on Monday.  And that it may be likely for either of them to spike fevers again even though they may seem better.  That many parents see that the fever is gone and send their kids back to school even though they are still contagious and then it spreads to more kids.  So he said that they need to stay quarantined until at least Monday.

We spent the day on the couch watching tv - mostly a hundred Dora shows that the girls both agreed on.  Julia asked for her napmat and spent part of the day sleeping on it as well.  She is now on Tamiflu since we caught her sickness within 48 hours.  It knocks her out and she had a really great morning nap right after the Dr.  And went to bed so fast.  Poor girl :(

Looking forward to a sweet day tomorrow with the girls and praying that they get healthy soon!


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