Moving Day

This morning was very strange.  It truly set in that Madi will not be living with us anymore.  Jeremy and I were both talking and wondering all morning if we had truly made the right decision.  We hadn't doubted it until today.  But everything happened so fast this weekend and we truly know that it is the right thing to do; just not easy.  Our biggest concern was making sure that Madi was not crushed in her spirit, that she would be able to understand it was not her fault as to why things needed to change, and that our relationship and all we had built with her the last year and a half was not wasted.

Monica and Gaylan came over with a U-haul this morning and before we got moving, we sat and talked for a few hours.  We asked Dad to pray before we all talked.  Jeremy and I had written down about nine questions we wanted to ask Monica, but it turned out it wasn't even necessary and it wasn't the path we needed to go down.  There were a lot of emotions - each of us cried or teared up several times.  And all of us had one goal in mind: making sure Madi was on the right path.

We laughed, we cried, we shared funny stories and at the end of everything, we're still family, we still love each other and we're still all in it for Madi.  Monica will be bringing Madi to school every morning, I will take Madi to our house and then she will pick her up from there every afternoon.  Her job is willing to work with her which is amazing.  This will allow Madi to stay at Ethridge and finish out the year.

It was pretty crazy the amount of things she had accumulated in the past year and a half.  We got everything loaded in the U-haul - Julia even helped by holding things in the doorway.  Riley is sick and she was laying down on the couch the entire time.

We gave hugs and they went to my parents' house to pick up the rest of the items (beds, furniture, etc...) to put in storage until they get their own place.

Jeremy and I were so amazed at how God truly worked it out.  If God had not been in this and we had not all been able to see that He was going to work this for good, it would not have ended in this way.  Many other families would have gotten incredibly angry at one another and this would have created major rifts.  It doesn't mean that there isn't emotion in it.  We were all able to express how we felt honestly with also not being rude, blaming or being hurtful.    This was not easy on any of us.  It could only have ended the way it did because of God being in each one of us and working through each one of us.

We are very excited to see what comes of it all and how things evolve from here.

Romans 8:28 "And we know thatGod causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."


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