New Shoes and Perler Beads

The girls have been sleeping in soo late (Riley didn't even wake up until 10am yesterday) so today when Julia got me up at seven, I woke up Riley before eight knowing that we've only got a few more days before getting back to our very early routine.

We had a fantastic day together.  The girls have needed new shoes, but we've held off as long as we could.  Julia has only had one pair of shoes for the last five months.  Did get her a second pair at Target for $3, but they never fit right and so she only wore them one or two times.  Riley has been growing so tall and her shoes have become uncomfortable as well.

There were a few other errands to run today.  I've been getting a lot of orders via friends and Etsy.  Several orders are messages that have come through and are waiting to be processed.  Has been so fun and exciting to get the orders.  Perfect timing!  I have tried to get at least one order done per day and am in the process of creating some new listings for the Etsy shop.  Figure that every little bit I can will make a difference!

Today I created a frog hat pattern for an American Girl Doll and a matching hat for a third grader at my school.  I had a beanie pattern for the doll and had to figure out the earflaps, eyes, and a very easy braid.  Didn't take too long and I love the way it turned out.  Also working on a pair of legwarmers for another student - purple!  Needed yarn for both projects so we stopped at Michael's on the way to the shoe store.

Got to Stride Rite at the Allen Outlet Mall.  Julia made a beeline for these patent leather bright red Kenneth Cole shoes.  She couldn't wait to try them on.  Poor girl is still covered in spots and refused to wear a sweater or coat so she had a short sleeved shirt on.  We got a lot of looks partially because it is so cold outside and she was without a coat (as was Riley who didn't want hers) and partially because she looks so diseased on her arms.  It comes and goes and is seemingly random.  Covered her legs today like crazy and her trunk had more on them than she has had.

The girls each found two pairs of shoes that they love.  Riley insisted on blue tennis shoes so they had a really cute Saucony pair and it was the last pair in blue.  Happened to be in her size so she was ecstatic!  The other pair was less than $10 and she loves them because they have a charm at the end.  Riley wore them out of the store.

Julia got a basic school shoe in navy and another pair in brown with flowers at the end of the toes.  Loved them so much that she wore them out of the store.

I was surprised at how much their feet had grown.  It's no wonder they hated putting on their shoes!  Both girls were solidly an entire size bigger and skipped the half sizes.  Riley went from an 11 to a 12.  Julia went from an 8 to a 9.

Riley told the lady that measured her feet that one foot is always bigger than the other.  And that she needed the bigger shoes to make sure her bigger foot would be comfortable.  The lady measured and was like "You are very right!  One foot is a half size larger than the other."  Riley just smiled knowingly.

We then went to Lowe's where I picked up a quart can of paint to patch up the spots on our walls in the living room.  We have so many spots where they girls (or us) have hit the walls especially on edges or corners.  Finally decided to go ahead and get it all cleaned up.  Ahhh.... love it!!!!  Went home and painted the areas on the walls so that they are clean and fresh.  Makes me want to paint more.  I absolutely love what paint colors can do to a room!

The girls found some perler beads at Michaels.  With the coupon, it was about $6 for 6000 beads and bead boards.  They spent at least 3 hours today making different things.  They were so quiet and focused.  Julia surprised me because she loved it so much and made two hearts out of the beads.  She had such determination and focus.  Riley loved to recreate what she saw on the cover of the bin and enjoyed it as well.

Tomorrow we'll stay home and play together and just relax.  It is the biggest blessing to be able to be home with the girls like this.  One that I don't take for granted.  So thankful my job allows me to spend time with the girls.  They've been so warm and loving and fun.

This morning, Riley stopped eating her breakfast to come to me in the kitchen (as I was getting Julia's ready) and said "Julia, I have to tell Mom something.  I'll be right back."  Then walked in and said "Mom I love you."  Then left and I said "Did you stop eating just to tell me that?"  She said yes and we hugged.  Sweet girl.


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