Sharing Lice Stories

Riley: Dad told Grandma and Grandpa that he had told me that I shouldn't share with my friends that I have lice.  Grandpa said that I would.  He was right!  I shared with my friends at school.

Me:  You did?  What did you tell them?

Riley:  I don't remember.  But I told anyone who wanted to get close to me that they had to stay far away because I had bugs in my hair and I didn't want them to get it.

Me:  Honey, we got the bugs out yesterday, remember?  There aren't any in there anymore.

Riley:  Oh.  Really??!!  That's great!  Hadley told me that she has lice too.

Me:  She does?  How did she tell you?

Riley:  After I shared with the entire class that I have lice, Hadley said that she has lice too!  I didn't feel so alone with my lice.  It was like someone else had it too and we were together with our lice.


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