Almost there...

The girls had a tough day today.  Both were so tired and exhausted.  They would have spurts of feeling better and start to move more and then realize that they just don't have the energy and ended up back on the couch watching tv.  Riley couldn't stop coughing all day and her coughs seemed to get longer and longer.  Will definitely watch her in the morning to see if we need to go back to the dr. as my Dad has bronchitis and Mom has pneumonia and their Dr. said that many patients that are getting the flu are having to come back as it is progressing into one of these two.  Praying hers doesn't!!

Their fevers were gone today which is a blessing!!  Riley's started creeping back up, but after resting, she was completely fine.  We still spent lots of time watching tv and just laying down on the couch.

Jeremy and I were able to get ahold of the important people with CHIP and Medicaid.  Took a while to finally get through only to find that I had no authority to speak about Madi's healthcare case so Jeremy called and added me to that.  He is the case head and so they'd only talk to him, but being that he was at work, it would have taken him away from work for a long time.  Anyway - I finally was added and took care of Madi's healthcare and got everything rolling there.  Will take up to 30 days to have her healthcare complete.  I also was able to get the forms needed for Monica as well as contact phone numbers and some information that will help her when she goes to request for Madi's healthcare under her.

Today Monica took in all the enrollment paperwork and everything is all set.  What a total blessing for everyone!!  Still in awe of how everything worked out and how Madi is still able to be at Ethridge.  So awesome!

Tomorrow I'm home again with our sweet girls.  Will need to pick up Riley's work and report card after school.  Hoping the girls just keep getting better... they are truly so sweet.


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