Another Special Day at Home

The girls and I spent today doing crafts and watching tv and just simply being together.  Riley had wanted to paint yesterday, but decided that today she really wanted to do some other things.  The girls worked more with the perler beads.  They are LOVING them.  Riley made some picture frames and put pictures inside.  Then created backs to it and taped it all together.  Jeremy brought home magnets and she's going to put the magnets on the back.  Cute!  She thought it all up herself.

Julia was very tired today.  In fact at 6:30pm, she announced at the dinner table "I need to go nappy nap." and then proceeded to walk upstairs.  Didn't take her very long to get settled and sleep.  She kept saying "I sleep next to you.  Mommy, I sleep next to you.  You sleep with me tonight?"

Jules and I did tons and tons of puzzles.  We did several of them repeatedly.  Her favorite is still the 50 states but she also loves the four Minnie Mouse puzzles that we have.  We also played lincoln logs and did some playdoh at the end of the day.  Riley really got into the playdoh kit.  She also wanted to build part of Olivia's house in her new Lego set.  I wrote Jeremy to ask if we could start it because I know he's dying to help with it.  Riley wanted to do it so badly so he said it was fine.  We got the entire first floor done and left the second story plus sunroof and front lawn area for him to do with Riley.

I sent a large package to a photographer in Chicago on Monday and the package arrived this morning.  She loves the items and said she was very impressed with my work and can't wait to use the items in her photo shoots.  I'll be receiving free photographs to use on my Etsy page which will also help sell items.  I finished an order today and began another order this morning.  I am making purple legwarmers for a student at school who wanted dark purple and light purple striped legwarmers.  Sent a pic of what I was working on and made sure they liked them.  Also planning to make a matching pair for her American Girl Doll.  Been working on some patterns for matching sets and that has been fun.  Riley has been wearing her sleepmask again today and tonight and is loving it.  Definitely need to work on more of those!

Feeling incredibly blessed to have been home these past two weeks with the girls.  They are both so different from each other and both so incredibly special.  I love how they are growing together and how they are learning to love each other and get along and value each other's differences.  They really balance each other out well and get along so great (except when Julia is stealing Riley's things and running away laughing at break neck speed).  So blessed by these little girls and who they are.


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